La Haus announces launch of mortgage simulator to buy a house

One of the main problems when purchasing a property is knowing how much you are willing to pay for it. Therefore, there are many advice options that allow you to project an approximate budget to clarify the financial picture.

In this sense, La Haus, leader in the new housing market in Latin America, announced the launch of its own simulator mortgage with which thousands of people will be able to calculate the income they need to start planning their home purchase.

Natalia Ramírez, head of brand of La Haus, announced that, in general, the maximum that is granted by a financial entity in a loan is 90 percent of the maximum value of the property that can include the costs of deed.

“Our technology team developed the mortgage credit simulator, which allows people autonomously to do simulations in real time for departments that they have in mind, that they like and want to consider first the financial component to know if they can continue forward in the purchase process”, he commented.

He highlighted that one of the developments where people do more credit simulations is Spazio Pedregal.

To calculate a mortgage loan in the La Haus simulator, he said, you first need to enter the value of the property, then adjust the percentage of the total that will be requested from the credit granting institution. The term is selected in years and the interest rate is indicated, which can be consulted directly with the bank or at the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

In this way you will obtain a summary calculation that you can use as a guide to calculate the monthly installments that you will have to cover and the approximate monthly income that you must maintain during the term of the loan.

Last year, the house grew 10x and currently operates in 14 cities in Latin America, six of them in Mexico. Through the platform, more than 10 thousand transactions have been carried out; It has been recognized as a “Great Place to Work” and as the fourth best company in the entire country for young professionals and the second in the technology industry.

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