¿La Cofece a la deriva?

Without an entity like Cofece to promote competence, the incentives for productivity, efficiency and innovation are pierced.

The present motif contains a report published by the four passers-by in The Economist, relative to the failure to appoint three vocalists for the directive of the Federal Commission for Economic Competence (Cofece). And the omission is some time of maintenance without modification. What? It is a very important organism for the functioning of a market economy, as it is, in a very good medium, the economy of Mexico. Without sufficient competence, an economy with a private sector underpins the incentives to generate productivity, efficiency and innovation.

I have several possible explanatory reasons for the omission that President López Obrador paid with respect to appointing the three missing commissioners in Cofece. The first, which does not interest the theme of this government’s entity; that does not mean the importance of this organism for the functioning of the economy; which does not meet the candidates nominated for these charges or who pretend to be debilitated by this entity, giving incomplete to his governing body, which must be integrated by its commissioners.

Each of the four possible options listed is unfavorable. In addition to the additional manner, it is also very condemnatory that the impasse and the lies that exist in the governing body of this entity are not taken into account immediately and with suitable candidates. As such, by reason of regulations, in determining topics of specialization for the Cofece, as well as its relative to essential sums, barriers to the competencies or regulatory changes, the voting approval of our five minutes is required. . In these themes he enters a callejon without salida, and dicho organ of goberno counts only with four vocals.

But the asunto has more than that to cover. Experts consulted in addition to the mission to address the three vacancies that fall within the governing body of the Federal Commission of Economic Competence including including complaints and retaliation by Mexico-Mexico Commercial Societies. Es decir, United States and Canada. A specialist consultant has been consulted, and no commercial treatment has taken place in the case of an autonomous body specializing in economic competence matters. Without embarrassment, it is agreed that the obligation of the signatory countries to promote “a competency” will be relieved.

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