‘La casa de papel’ puts an end to his robbery: his most important milestones

‘The Money Heist’ comes to an end on Netflix after becoming a global social phenomenon. After it was born in Atresmedia Televisión in 2017, the series has become one of the most international and emblematic Spanish productions, gaining a place in the Olympus of audiovisual fiction history. On the day that the outcome of its fifth and final season opens, YOTELE reviews the most important milestones that ‘La casa de papel’ has achieved.

From Atresmedia to being the third most watched series in the entire history of Netflix

The projection of ‘La casa de papel’ has clearly had a very upward trajectory. After the first two parts averaged a 14.1% screen share on Antena 3, Netflix relaunched the series created by Álex Pina worldwide without major advertisements, becoming a worldwide phenomenon, which led to the production of new installments .

In fact, its fourth season is the third most viewed fiction content on the entertainment platform, the second in a non-English language, with more than 619 million hours viewed in its first 28 days of broadcast. Only ‘The Squid Game’ and ‘The Bridgertons’ surpass this data.

An important catapult of Spanish talent

‘La casa de papel’ has also become the mirror of many professionals in Spanish fiction. Actors such as Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Jaime Lorente, Alba Flores, María Pedraza and Miguel Herrán have placed themselves in the front line of the industry, starring in series and films such as ‘The wheel of time’, ‘El cid’ (First Video ‘),’ Toy boy ‘(Atresmedia / Netflix),’ Sagrada familia ‘(Netflix),’ Modelo 77 ‘or’ Snake Eyes: GI Joe’s Origin ‘.

Fiction has also been a catapult for his technical and creative team. For example, in January of this year, it became known that Jesús Colmenar, its director, will make the leap to Hollywood to direct a film that will be titled ‘Sabine’. In addition, for Vancouver Media, its production company, it has also involved the production of other projects such as ‘El embarcadero’, ‘Sky Rojo’ or ‘White lines’.

An Ondas, several Irises and an International Emmy

Throughout its five seasons on Atresmedia and Netflix, ‘La casa de papel’ has been recognized by the television industry itself with a long list of awards, including an Ondas Award, several Irises, Fotogramas de plata and de la Union of Actors. The most important was the International Emmy Award for the best series it achieved in 2018, something that had only been achieved with a Spanish production in all history (‘The cabin’ in 1973).

‘Bella Ciao’, an antifascist resistance anthem that crept onto the sales list

The repercussion that ‘La casa de papel’ has had throughout the world has also made his music become fashionable as well. The ‘Bella Ciao’, an Italian popular song that was used by the Partizans as an antifascist resistance against the occupation of Nazi Germany, has managed to sneak into the sales list of several European countries, reaching, for example, until the position 2 in Germany with the version of The Professor (Hugel Remix).

The ‘Paper House’ fan phenomenon around the world: from large canvases at matches in Saudi Arabia to filming collapse in Florence

‘La casa de papel’ has had an important fan movement around the world over the last few years. Since the episodes of its first two seasons came to Netflix, fiction has become a social phenomenon that has crept into stadiums in Saudi Arabia through large banners with images of the protagonists.

In addition, the Spanish series has millions of its followers, who even collapsed the filming that took place in Florence (Italy) in 2019, as Álvaro Morte posted on his Instagram profile. “Italian fans who stay all day in terrifying cold and cheer us on with their love. GRAZIE BELLA ITALY!“said the actor.

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