Kun Agüero: “I’m quitting football, it’s hard, but health comes first”

“I am here to inform you that I have decided to stop playing football.” I cried and cried without any consolation. Kun Agüero could not articulate a word. “I have decided to stop playing, it is a very hard moment, but I am still happy about the decision I made. First is my health. You know why I made this decision. It is because of the problem I had a month or so ago. So nothing , I was in the good hands of the doctors. They told me that it was best to stop playing. I made the decision a week ago. I did my best to see if there was any hope. But there were not many & rdquor ;, she said crying non-stop, while he was applauded in a silent Camp Nou, accompanied on the stage by Joan Laporta.

“I am very proud of my career, I always dreamed of playing soccer since I was five years old when I touched a ball. I never thought of reaching Europe. I want to thank everyone. Independiente, where I was trained, then Atlético, they bet on me alone At 18, the City people know how I feel about that club, I left the best there. They treated me very well. And the Barça people. Incredible, I knew I was coming to one of the best clubs in the world. Things They go through something. Argentina is what I love the most. To thank my family, the people who worked with me, “he said as the 33-year-old forward cried and cried.

“I did my best to help my colleagues,” he said, unable to articulate a serene message, naturally trapped by emotions. “I’m leaving my head held high and very happy, I don’t know what will wait for me in another life. I have many people who love me. A thousand thanks to the journalists who have come. To those who treated me well and those who treated me badly, it is their work, “he said in the only moment in which the Argentine striker outlined a smile.

“I don’t know what will wait for me in another life. I have a lot of people who love me”

Kuan Agüero, Barça forward

And in that empty stadium, with gigantic stoves flooding the Camp Nou lawn and an image loaded with symbolism reflected on a giant screen. ‘Culer una vegada, culer per semper’, was read on an improvised stage installed on the stage. Two flags, one from Barça and the other from Catalunya, to say goodbye to a legendary scorer, who was passing by with the Barça shirt. Kun Agüero leaves football.

In reality, his heart, treacherous with that arrhythmia that took him away from the ball at the end of last October, takes him away from his passion. And of his trade. Treacherous although he warned him in time and right, in addition, when he was heading into the final stretch of his career. At 33, and after making his debut at just 15, he abandons, much to his regret, the idyll with the goal.

The silence, thunderous silence of the Camp Nou, was broken by Kun’s soft voice. “We have been left with the desire at Barça, we think that you have made the right decision. You have been a world-renowned player. We wish you the best, Sergio, what you have sown you will pick up,” Laporta told the forward.

“Things happen for a reason. Although the first two weeks were very hard”

Kun Agüero, Barça forward

“Things happen because of something. I’m very happy with how this club is,” Kun said, while all his teammates listened to him, with Xavi at the helm, as well as Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, and Txiki Guardiola, the technical secretary of the English club.

“I feel good right now. The first two weeks were hard. But when I did the first physical test, already in the clinic, the doctors called me to tell me that there was a very great possibility that I could not continue. I started to mentalize, but it was not easy. I had already been processing it “; the player acknowledged.

“I am proud of the race I did and thank goodness it happened to me now and not before”

Kun Agüero, Barça forward

“When they told me it was final, it took me a few more days to process it. I was still hopeful, but then when I was cold I thought not. It was difficult,” Kun admitted. “It happened to me when I was 33 years old and not when I was younger. On the one hand, I am proud of the career I did and thankfully it happened to me now and not before. I am very, very happy for the career I did,” said the player, immersed in a sea of ​​emotions.

Review of “beautiful moments”

“I did all the best for myself and for the club I was in. Everything I did was to help my teams,” said the Argentine forward, who could not contain those tears that flowed non-stop down his face when he remembered the greats moments that he has lived in his 15 seasons as a professional.

“A very nice goal I made in Independiente, it was very nice against Racing. I have nothing against Racing, but, at 17 years old, it was the most beautiful first goal I had. And later, the Europa League with Atlético was a Very happy moment and everyone in City knows that goal against Queens Park Rangers that we won the first Premier League for City and me. The last beautiful moment was the America’s Cup, I accompanied the boys, I played two or three games, luckily it was I was very happy, very happy. “

“It is positive because I am here and I am counting it and perhaps I could not be counting it there. It is positive that they have detected me now and not before. I am trying to be happy outside of football”

Kun Agüero, Barça forward

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And he leaves, at least, with another memory. “It is not bad that the last goal was against Madrid. It is not bad. That was a beautiful moment,” he stressed before reiterating that “things happen for something” convinced that if it happened to him at 33 years old, it is positive because I’m here and I’m counting it and maybe I couldn’t be counting it there. It’s positive that they detected me now and not before. I’m trying to be happy outside of football. “

Kun will continue to be linked to football (“that’s for sure”), stating that “now I will enjoy life.” When asked what his new job would be, he said that now “I’m going to be calm” about his career plans. “My legacy? I can’t say it, I prefer that outsiders say it, which is what I deserve. Or that they put whatever name they want to my entire career. It’s wrong to say I’m a crack.”


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