Kun Agüero, a ‘nine’ rogue stopped by the heart

Came to play with Messi and he did not cross even in the changing room of the Barça with the. Came to Camp Nou, abandoning in Manchester the suit of historical myth in the closet of the City for eternity. Until Guardiola Y Small They took a plane from England to pay him the tribute he deserves.

He came, already 33 years old, to, as he confessed to this newspaper, “leave his mark.” Small or large, but the Kun Agüero, A clever, skillful forward, able to survive in the narrow Premier that has devoured all kinds of players, he felt energetic to show that his football did not age, despite so many physical problems as he suffered.

What he never imagined after a stormy summer (it was the first signing of the second era of Laporta, lost the Champions League final with the City of Guardiola, then won the Copa América with Argentina in Maracanã with Leo, his friend of the soul, convinced that they would meet again in Barcelona) is that the heart was going to send him a definitive message on October 30.

He had already received warnings. A cardiac arrhythmia had been detected, but then he managed it. At the Camp Nou, however, the pain he suffered in his chest, which caused an endless silence full of anguish and fear in the thousands of fans who attended the duel with Alavés, already anticipated that sad end.

Barça claimed that it took at least 90 days to verify the physical condition of the Argentine striker. Not two months have passed to assume – he was the first to do so, despite the fact that everything collapsed at that time – the doctor’s advice Josep Brugada, one of the best world specialists.

However, Kun did not know that when he left the Camp Nou with a gesture of great concern he was leaving football. His right hand touched the heart as if he wanted to revive it still unaware of what would happen weeks later. He cannot continue playing soccer, where he was almost a child when he made his debut with Independiente. He was 15 years, one month and three days old.

Kun came to the Camp Nou to finally play with his friend Messi at a club. And he didn’t even coincide with him in the locker room

More than half a life as a professional. Now he can no longer exercise his profession as a renowned goalkeeper, incompatible as the elite sport turns out, taken to its maximum expression with that cardiac arrhythmia that assaulted his heart.

And 46 days later he appeared at the Camp Nou to pronounce the words that he would never have wanted to come out of his soul.

That “nine area and rogue”, as defined in the interview he gave to EL PERIÓDICO on September 9, had found a crack for hope when Laporta won the elections on March 7.

“Three weeks later I get the interest of Barça and the first one I told him was Leo.” ‘Ah, that’s good’ & rdquor ;, he answered me. It was when my representative was talking to the club and I was telling him about the financial situation the club was in. And the first thing I said to my ‘repre’ was: ‘It doesn’t matter, let it be fixed as it is! I don’t care about the money, “confessed the forward.

He has barely played five games with Barça. And his goal against Madrid in the classic is the only one as a Barça player

He arranged everything urgently because on the last day of May his signing was already official, just before going to the Copa América, which he ended up winning (he had a secondary role in the albiceleste of Scaloni) in the Brazilian temple of Maracana. And the Brazilians. From there, everything started to go wrong for Kun.

Not even his close relationship with Messi, Woven in the U-20 World Cup in Holland (2005), it made him harbor some suspicion that things were going wrong. “When the Leo thing happened, I dropped everything. It was a shock! I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe it! & Rdquor;, acknowledged this newspaper.

Neither him. Not Messi. Nor nobody. Then, a serious muscle injury the day before Koeman’s Barça then debuted at the Gamper as a prologue to the worst misfortune that was yet to come. “I am a kid who always try to be very positive,” he stressed. “I try not to be sad because that affects me,” he added later, sure that he could leave “the mark” promised at the Camp Nou.

He wanted to play two years at the highest level to get to the World Cup in Qatar-2022 well, but his heart frustrated his desire

He made his debut, played five games, only five (and only one complete, that of Vallecas against Rayo, Koeman’s condemnation), he scored a goal in the classic against Madrid. A goal that was worthless. He didn’t even celebrate it. And when he imagined being part of that new Barça landscape, respectful as he always was with the old and increasingly forgotten codes of football, the most unexpected blow came.

Wish frustrated

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“I didn’t take Leo’s 10 out of respect for him, it’s a code of friendship,” he explained to justify his resignation from such a heavy and symbolic jacket. While jogging near the Alavés area, he received the last and now definitive message with that treacherous arrhythmia. I wanted to play two years at the highest level, Barça and Leo were the ideal scenario, to reach the World Cup in Qatar-2022 in perfect condition.

He was convinced that the goals (top scorer in the history of City with 260 goals, 184 in Premier beating legends like Rooney, with 183, Henry, 175) would continue to fall with the Barça jacket. Hence, it was he himself who put the headline to the interview with EL PERIÓDICO in September. “A title? I want to leave my mark here & mldr; And I will,” he said. The heart thwarted the Kun’s wish.


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