Kovalskaya, by Emma Riverola

I wonder if he was able to fall asleep. If you dare to go outside. If your heart races when you hear footsteps behind you. If you spend the day peering out the street from the windows. I wonder if he has done anything to try to leave the country. No, she won’t be hit by a bomb at home, but she knows that her life is worth very little. Elena Kovalskayadirector of the Meyerhold Center in Moscow, a former director, resigned at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. “It is impossible to work for a murderer and collect a salary from him & rdquor ;, he said. The city’s Department of Culture has warned that any negative comments will be considered treason. Kovalskaya is not hopelessly alone. Journalists, scientists, people of culture and thousands of citizens have dared to demonstrate against the war. It takes a lot of courage to do it in the Russia of Putin.

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In this devilish game of chess, in which each move can have tremendous and unexpected consequences, the only certainty is death and the miserable displacement to which hundreds of thousands of people are dragged. Pawns, think the hands that move the pieces on the board. Heroes! Kovalskaya and many others yell at them.

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