Konami working on Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania renovations: report

Konami is developing new games in the Metal gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill franchises, according to VideogamesChronicle.

According to the medium, the first of these titles is a “reinvention” of Castlevania which is being developed internally at Konami Japan with the help of local external studios.

The next Metal gearmeanwhile, it is expected to be a remake. However, although some fans had speculated that The souls of the devil Remake developer Bluepoint, which was recently acquired by PlayStation, was working on a remake of the original. Metal Gear Solid, VGC points out that it will be a new version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Support studio Virtuous is said to be working on this. Eurogamer corroborated VGCreport, indicating that the remake will use elements from Japan MGS3 Pachinko machines. Before this remake, Konami plans to release remasters of the original. MGS games for modern consoles, by VGC.

Finally, VGC reiterated its previous report that new multiple Silent Hill games are in development. One is said to be a Silent Hill horror experience of The medium developer Bloober Team, while another is expected to be a more experimental title from a “featured Japanese developer.”

VGCThe report is particularly notable as all three franchises have been dormant for several years. The most recent Metal gear the game was from 2018 Survive, an ill-received branch of Metal Gear Solid V It featured zombies. Meanwhile, the last great Castlevania it was 2014 Shadow Lords 2.

But the idleness that surrounds Silent Hill is perhaps the most painful for fans, since Metal gear creator Hideo Kojima and Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro had been working on the up-and-coming Silent hills game until its cancellation in 2015. Otherwise, the last Silent Hill was from 2012 Memories book on the Vita.

Instead, Konami has focused heavily on mobile gaming, its annualization Pro Evolution Soccer series and other businesses such as casinos and health and fitness clubs. For these reasons, it’s unclear what premium AAA-grade console / PC games, if any, the company might have been working on.

According to VGC, the disappointing performance of recent Konami in-house titles such as Metal Gear Survive and Cons: Rogue Corps They have led him to be more willing to hire at least external studios to work on his main franchises. The company’s recently restructured Western Publishing division is also intended to help with this, reports VGC.

Konami will reveal these projects sometime next year, according to VGC, if the pandemic allows it.

Image Credit: Konami

Source: VGC

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