Know the 5 actions that make you a responsible citizen with the environment

This 26 January is the Day of Environmental Education, a date that promotes the building of sustainable environments and environmentally responsible citizens, and which aims to create greater protection and awareness of ecosystems.

It is estimated that by 2050, the cities of Latin America and the Caribbean will consume between two and four times more resources than are currently sustainable, according to data obtained by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). It implies reflection on the collective actions and collaborations that move towards profitable development models, for the conservation of our natural resources.

In this sense, FUNDACIÓN ADO, as a social arm of MOBILITY ADO, through its Environmental Care Program, works together in the sustainable development of communities in Mexico, with the goal of ensuring that more and more places can form conscious cooperatives. that nature has a great wealth, which requires full attention in the light of climate change.

According to Andrés Pérez-Peña, General Manager of FUNDACIÓN ADO, “the improvement in the comprehensive quality of life of people begins with the acceptance of environmental awareness, to ensure the availability of resources and thus create a better planet for future generations.”

“Associations must be formed that involve environmental education with dedication and determination, to observe nature with sensitivity and not as a supplier of excessive goods,” concluded Pérez-Peña Campos.

For this reason, by performing small actions that change our consumption habits, large and positive transformations are also generated that contribute to the formation of sustainable communities.

ADO FOUNDATION shares five actions so that people can join to benefit the environment, by integrating new habits into our lifestyle, which are:

1.- Opt for shared mobility and promote the use of different means of transport, such as the bicycle.

2.- Recycle and reuse products to extend their useful life.

3.- Reduce energy consumption in our daily work and disconnect electronic devices that we do not use.

4.- Separate the garbage you generate and reduce the consumption of plastic.

5.- Utilize the treatment and reuse of water.

Caring for the environment is a priority for all mankind and a task for all people; ADO FOUNDATION promotes greater responsibility in the sustainable management of resources.

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