Kings of Convenience, powerful pagan rite in the Auditori

The feeling of celebration can manifest itself in many ways, and this Thursday the Kings of Convenience concert was breathed through a purifying lane, derived from its serene chemistry of vocals and acoustic guitars. Night of calm and magnetic reunion, balm against pandemic stress, in a proposal of the Sit Back cycle in collaboration with Primavera Sound.

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The panorama took us back to the pre-covid era in a Room 1 of the Auditori with full capacity (and after the extension of a few days ago, the sale of tickets ended up touching the full). The pagan rite of the Norwegian duo continues where it was, in the mime of a stealthy sound amidst the noise of the world. Operating in the center of a luminous ellipse on the bare stage, as in a clearing in the forest, he entangled us in his alchemy of vocal harmonies and guitar arpeggios, very attentive to his recent album ‘Peace or love’ (the first in 12 years), in which he ponders the dilemma of choosing between perhaps aseptic security and the turbulence of passion.

Songs that Despite their apparent linearity, they expressed a changing inner life, seeking hypnotic trance (‘Angel’) and ‘hardcore’ introspection (‘Killers’), with rhythmic clicks to the guitar body (‘Rocky trail’) and approaches to bossa nova (‘Catholic country’). His first album, from 20 years ago, was left off the lectern, but there were repechages of ‘Misread’, ‘Homesick’ or the carefree ‘I’d rather with you’, here with the audience on their feet and in civilized wakefulness, and with all this Kings of Convenience staged the powers of their frugal-looking music.

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