Kidnapping charge dropped after defendant pleads guilty to assault

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Charged two years ago with kidnapping, assault with a weapon and death threat, a Montreal man pleaded guilty in Windsor court Thursday to the misdemeanor charges of simple assault and making threats.

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Bradley Dominique, 24, was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Maria Carroccia to a $ 500 fine and placed on probation for 18 months, during which he cannot get within 100 meters of the victim.

The Crown’s deputy attorney, Jayme Lesperance, said the plaintiff was visiting Dominique at a Windsor residence in May 2019 when the two had “multiple verbal arguments” that escalated to hair pulling and death threats. One of the topics of their discussion, he said, was about the woman who worked as a stripper.

Lesperance said the woman got scared and called her cousin, who booked her a train ticket for a return trip to Montreal and then alerted police.

Dominique was arrested shortly afterward after Windsor police officers responded to a “welfare check” dispatch for the Walkerville home in the 2000 block of Niagara Street. Lesperance said “multiple people” were arrested and charged on May 3, 2019, after responding officers recovered a taser pistol, a prohibited weapon.

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Attorney Lisa Carnelos said her client was pleading guilty to the two lesser charges out of four, but that the defense disagreed with the facts presented by the Crown.

The judge accepted the joint judgment of the prosecution and the defense and agreed with the Crown’s recommendation to drop the charges of intentional kidnapping and assault with a weapon. The guilty pleas, Carroccia said, showed remorse on the part of Dominique, who also received a 10-year gun possession ban.

Dominique had already spent “a couple of months in jail” after his arrest and before he was granted bail, Carnelos said.

She said Dominique is a part-time worker with limited income and never finished high school, but plans to complete those studies. He is in a stable relationship, he added.

Her father is a doctor in the United States, but her mother continues to struggle with “major addictions,” Carnelos said, adding that her grandmother raised Dominique from a young age.

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