San Juan del Río, Qro.- Introducing the hybrid SUV Niro 2023, Kia Mexico takes an important leap in sustainability in Mexican territory, by implementing ecological management, electric mobility and recycling of materials, with which it aspires to market 1,500 units by the end of 2022, which would keep it as the second automaker with the highest sales of this technology.

Despite the fact that the consumer has achieved a greater awareness of caring for the environment and this has resulted in sales of green vehicles in Mexico doubling, Horacio Chávez, director of Kia Mexico, affirms that the challenge for companies is “Put new technologies (automotive) at an affordable price for people and how they have done it in other countries (…) well, based on offering incentives (to consumers) and providing electrical infrastructure for their operation. We have to move fast, or we will be among the last.”

In interview with The Economistthe manager of the Korean automaker -which a year ago implemented its strategy of sustainable mobility solutions- asserts that the arrival of the new Niro hybrid, places Kia as the most representative brand of hybrid sales (after Toyota). “With this generation we will give it a boost and that will allow us to more quickly evaluate the introduction of some other model with electric technology.”

He comments that there are both external and internal factors in Mexico, which do not allow to bring the 100% electric version or the plug-in hybrid electric (plug-in hybrid). “There are more advanced economies that have more infrastructure and that make more business sense and Mexico has to move in that direction, so that the car is more accessible and sold on a larger scale, that it be a business case,” Chavez highlights.

Even so, the trend of the sale of green cars in Mexico doubled last year, and in the first two months of 2022, the sale of electric and hybrid cars in Mexico grew 13.6%, compared to the same period, according to data from the inegi.

“The sale of organic products is going to continue the upward trend, it is still small, but there will be more and more players and the rest of the brands will feel obliged to bring these technologies and it is good for the country and technology, for the consumer”, exposes the director of Kia Mexico.

the sale of Kia Niro 2023 It is available as of this day, and it is intended to market between 250 and 300 units per month with delivery availability, since the unit comes from the South Korean plant.

With a hybrid motorization, aerodynamic design that saves energy, high-tech sustainable materials, this model is an efficient mobility solution for the Korean automaker, he said.

The Niro SUV It has an electric power source that complements the 1.6-liter Atkinson cycle combustion engine, offering 139 horsepower and driving in electric mode without the need for recharging, with only 83 g/km of CO2 emissions. It features enhanced safety, including eight airbags and the integration of Drive Wise driving aids.

kia niro It remains with a single version (EX) to be the only hybrid compact SUV, with a cost of 679,900 pesos.


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