KHSC encourages patients to use the mobile screening tool

Kingston, ON – October 27, 2021 – In an effort to reduce lines outside of its hospital sites, Kingston Health Sciences Center (KHSC) is encouraging outpatient patients to complete their COVID-19 screening test using the mobile screening tool before arriving at your scheduled appointment.

The tool was first launched last August and has received rave reviews from patients and hospital staff. “Currently, approximately 20 percent of people who come for outpatient services use the mobile detection tool,” says Renaud Golsse, manager of detection and access control at KHSC. “We have been undergoing alignments in recent weeks as every person admitted to the hospital must be screened for COVID-19. The mobile screening tool is the best way for patients to get to their appointments at the scheduled time. “

The mobile assessment tool, available in English and French, only takes a few minutes to complete. Once completed, patients will receive an email confirmation to take them to the hospital, along with their appointment slip. The evaluation staff will scan the code embedded in the confirmation email upon check-in and the patient will be able to go directly to their appointment.

“The mobile screen is only valid for four hours, so it is important to complete the test shortly before arriving at the hospital or you will have to redo the mobile test or be examined in person when you arrive,” says Golsse. “The four-hour window has been established to ensure that symptom information is accurate and to allow enough time for someone driving from out of town to fill it out from home before leaving.”

The mobile screening tool that patients can use, is one more way that KHSC ensures the safety of patients and staff when they come to the hospital for appointments. As full partners in innovation, quality improvement and design initiatives, Patient Advisors provided insight into the development of the mobile screening tool to ensure it is clear and easy to use.

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