The pandemic has modified many elements of our life on the planet. In organizations we have also experienced a historical impact in terms of the Work style, which entails a profound change in the reasons our collaborators have today to stay connected

Therefore, many companies have started a process of evolution of their Employee Value Proposition (EVP), seeking to anticipate the needs of both people and business.

The first thing we need to analyze is precisely the objective of the EVP. When we talk about an Employee Value Proposition, we talk about a specific strategy to attract and connect talent required by the company to strengthen its business plan. Therefore, it is a series of elements or attributes that the brand offers as an employer to its collaborators or candidates, which constitute the essential reasons why these people feel inspired to be part of the company.

It is key that this is aligned with the business strategy, because in the end an EVP exists to ensure that we have the “talent inventory” required to achieve the objectives. But this does not end there! The EVP becomes the reason that connects everyone’s efforts against the purpose of the organization, so it can become a competitive advantage of the business.

In other words, EVP gives the employee the daily argument to get up and do their best to work passionately; only that the EVP by itself does not achieve anything, it is only the vehicle, that is why it needs a driver to propel it to get everyone to “get on the bus” and there is the secret of competitive advantage, because when a leader manages to take ownership of the EVP and use it as a lever of inspiration for your team, it works like a turbo that accelerates the results.

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Developing an EVP should be a well thought out and strategic process. We’ve seen examples in organizations where we end up with nice internal marketing campaigns, but they don’t generate the profound effect expected from such a powerful tool. For this there is three elements that we must consider in its construction:

1. Collaborators the center

The main ambassadors of the EVP are the same collaborators, therefore, we did not develop it to convince them of our arguments, but we developed it with them to identify the essence of what makes the organization an aspirational place, seeking to understand what connects them, that makes them feel proud and that they find in the organization that makes it unique and special

2. Custom design

EVP cannot be a standard recipe, a copy of something we found on the internet. The EVP is unique and has differentiating arguments; it has to manage to condense the DNA of the company around its purpose, its culture, the impact on people, leadership and the human processes that make people connect every day. That is why we are no longer talking about retention, as it implies that we are preventing someone who wants to leave from doing so, we are talking about maintaining a daily relationship with people that makes them ratify their desire to be here every day.

3. Humility as a seal

The hardest thing about developing an EVP is realizing that you don’t have unique or different elements that make you special. It sounds hard to say, but the development of PVS requires a high dose of organizational humility, because in the analysis we find what the collaborators like but also with what we must change or improve, so the development of this process must necessarily start from the work of the higher level leadership team, it cannot be a Human Resources task that is done from the desk, and for this reason we can take advantage of the effort of its construction as a lever for a true organizational transformation.

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It is worth doing it, dedicating time to understand how our collaborators have evolved in terms of their needs, personal and family life schemes, work team dynamics, communication schemes, etc., because we will not only have a strategic element of the human business planWe can also become human references for the labor market.

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