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“The Global Key to Markets Broker operates on your side and never against you, it offers a first-class technological infrastructure with the highest security for its clients’ funds.”

Investing in global financial markets is one of the most lucrative activities, since financial companies and professionals often use them to hedge risk, take advantage of price differences in different markets, or simply to speculate on the price of assets.

In this sense, investing in the foreign exchange market represents a great potential for profits every day, since forex brings together the supply and demand for currencies from all over the world. In addition, the exchange rate of a major currency such as the US dollar, the euro or the Japanese yen can vary significantly up to 20 times per minute.

Through brokers such as Key to Markets, investors and corporations can make the most of market volatility, thanks to the fact that it is an internationally awarded broker such as: the Best Forex ECN Broker and the Best Forex Trading Execution by the Global Forex Awards 2021, which offers its users direct access to the foreign exchange markets, as well as the possibility of executing operations on indices, commodities, shares and cryptocurrencies, through CFDs.

Regulated globally by the London Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC), Key to Markets has established 3 offices around the world, including London, Mexico and Port Louis, in order to provide a personalized attention service and excellent support to guarantee total transparency.

Why those who operate in the financial markets should choose Key To Markets as their Broker of choice? What are your strengths?

A fundamental aspect in the growth path of any successful trader is undoubtedly the choice of a reliable broker. We have set as our main objective the creation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. Our commitment, 12 years after the company was founded in the UK, is to continue to play a strategic role for our clients.

As an ECN broker, our goal is to provide access to a deep liquidity circuit (ie with many counterparties available to buy or sell at different price levels) by facilitating the adjustment between supply and demand, through capable electronic tools. to reduce to zero the latency between the placement of the order and its execution, thus obtaining orders executed at super competitive prices.

ECN, instant execution of your trades

ECN or Electronic Communication Network brokers form a network between investors, the broker and liquidity providers – banks, financial institutions and other brokers – with the aim of executing currency purchase and sale orders immediately.

Executing buy and sell orders is a vital feature for traders or scalpers who carry out operations in a very short period of time (approximately 1 to 5 minutes), since every second counts in a strategy to get the most out of micro price variations that occur in the markets.

Marcos Tigsilema, Commercial Director of Key to Markets, says Marcos Tigsilema, Commercial Director of Key to Markets, “One of our strong points, in addition to being a meeting point between the services offered to professionals and private investors, is precisely the use of ECN technology, in fact , all operations are executed in the real market without intermediaries, ensuring maximum transparency in our prices, without hidden costs. There is no negotiating table, therefore, there are no conflicts of interest. KTM only earns commissions on the volume of trades executed, we care about the performance of our traders as we believe that only those who win are willing to continue investing.

It is worth mentioning that trading forex and CFDs carries a high risk due to leverage and the high volatility of the markets.

Also, because KTM is an ECN broker, all strategies are allowed, be it scalping, algorithmic trading, day trading, or hedging.

To discover all the advantages of Key to Markets ECN technology click here.

Low spread, zero commissions

Before choosing a broker to invest, we must know the commissions they handle, in order to integrate it into our strategy.

Key to Markets offers customizable plans according to the investment level of each of its users, with low spreads and zero commission in the case of micro and standard accounts.

You can open an account from 100 dollars, in which you will have free access to seminars, webinars, training, trading tools and market analysis.

Also, a unique feature that integrates Key to Markets, is the possibility of creating your own network of partners, in which you can share strategies with interested investors through a PAMM account (Percentage Allocation Management Module), the first step of your career as a professional fund manager.

Believing in transparency and working for the constant improvement of technological reliability, over time, has made us an ideal partner for investment funds, asset managers, banks, companies and individual traders.

start investing

Key to Markets, offers personalized solutions based on the needs of its clients, “we are the best option for online trading – concludes Marcos Tigsilema”

To start investing in Key to Markets you just need to create an account through their website: between a demo account to put your strategies into practice, or a real one to participate in the opportunities created by the stock market.

Once registered, we will be able to access MetaTrader 4 and enjoy the best trading experience with the most popular Forex and CFD platform.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in over 180 instruments, including forex CFDs, precious metals, crude oil, indices and cryptocurrencies.

Get the most out of your money with Key to Markets!

The Broker that operates on your side and is always with you

All traders can make use of our support team dedicated to the Latin American market, 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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