Key moment of the electric counter-reform

Mexico is about to know whether it will lose six years of development or two generations of mistrust. For a personal political will before a notary is not the same as violating the stability of the country with constitutional changes.

Six-year policies terminate every administration and when it is wrong, it can simply be suspended and corrected.

But that a ruler wants to enshrine his very personal way of thinking in the Constitution will affect trust for many decades. Because although the Magna Carta can be changed again every time the government changes, it will be synonymous with a country without solid foundations to make plans and investments.

There are two reforms sought by the 4T that are based on an autocratic vision. The first is the well-known energy counter-reform, which is being promoted by the government under the name of electric reform, and the other is an alleged constitutional change to the election rules, with everything we have already seen in the attacks on the National Electoral Institute. .

Changes to the energy sector have clearly hit a wall. Not so much a very weak opposition wall that the 4T can still find a way to break down, but with a clear, open and very courteous opposition from the US government.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is right that the differences between the vision of the United States, businessmen, markets, environmentalists, members of Congress, with López Obrador’s counter-reform will not cause a crisis with the neighboring country in the north … until the to the extent that the counter-reform does not progress as it is.

The reality is that Joe Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm welcomed the meeting with López Obrador as she took back the promise to Washington DC to make the list of United States concerns reflected in the approach be, to review. to constitutional reform.

There is no innocence in the White House government and at the same time that this official leaves the message that she hopes it is real that this reconsideration is taking place, she exposes all the damage to investment, the environment and the bilateral relationship that can cause a stubbornness of the 4T to follow that path.

Opposition to President López Obrador’s energy counter-reform is clear from the United States Government, but also from energy sector participants, experts on these issues, and consumers who do understand the extent of the damage it would cause. to a statistical scheme and the use of fossil fuels typical of the middle of the last century.

Already at this stage, with this constitutional counter-reform initiative, with the reforms of secondary laws, with the decrees and arbitrary action against private companies in the energy sector, there is already damage to trust and energy development. But everything can be in a damage of six years.

Mexico loses opportunities to be a leader in clean energy, but if the change to the Constitution is stopped, there will be an opportunity to set the course in a short time and not lose two generations due to mistrust that Mexico is a country with such a legal basis manipulable.

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Enrique Campos Suarez

Televisa News Anchor

The Great Depression

Bachelor of Communication Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with a specialization in finance from the Autonomous Institute of Technology of Mexico and a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Anahuac.

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