Ken Salazar promises new investments from the United States in Mexico

When holding a meeting with the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Ken Salazarambassador of the United States in Mexico, announced that investments by US companies, focused on infrastructure, energy and climate change in Mexican territory, will be announced in July.

The United States endorses ties with Mexico to strengthen the economic relationship in the future, and for this, plans are already being prepared in the country, which were agreed upon during the Summit of the Americas -held a few days ago-, said the diplomat.

“When we go to Washington DC, now in July we hope that we are going to have a big meeting between businessmen from Mexico and businessmen from the United States. The interest of Mexican businessmen in working with the United States is a very great interest, very authentic, the interest of United States companies in investing here in Mexico is also a great interest. When we meet, we promote these people and that is why, working very closely with the CCE, we are going to be important announcements,” said the US ambassador, who has held meetings with Andrés Manuel López in recent days.

The private meeting, which was also attended by the Minister Counselor, Steve Alley, and the 14 organizations that make up the CCE, Ken Salazar maintained that there is “optimism”, since the economic relationship between the United States and Mexico is “very integrated, with a lot of opportunity for the future”.

He said: “so we talk about all the ties we have and the ties to the future, so we have great optimism”.

In this regard, Francisco Cervantes, president of the CCE, confirmed that there was a dialogue with the ambassador and the minister counselor on the issues of climate change, the energy sector and investments related to strengthening the Mexico, United States, Canada Treaty (T-MEC).

“There is a very dynamic relationship (between the US and Mexico), especially in recent months, at the Summit of the Americas the agenda of the Mexican delegation was very solid, we were in many meetings with the ambassador, we were talking about climate change, It was a very, very good agenda,” said Cervantes.

The meeting of the National Council of the Business Coordinating Council, instead of one hour, went to two hours due to the interest there is, the relationship with the United States, in the T-MEC and mainly highlighting the investments, said the president of the Mexican business community.

He was asked, where will the investments be made?

Throughout the country, the Mexican government is very interested in the southeastern part of the country, as is the American government. At the Summit of the Americas, Vice President Kamala Harris had a meeting with Blanca Treviño for the South Southeast, talking about investments.

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