Ken Salazar attributes the deaths of 50 people in Texas to broken and dysfunctional immigration laws

After the death of at least 50 migrants inside a box of an abandoned trailer on the outskirts of Saint AnthonyTexas, the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazarlamented that the tragedy is the result of broken and dysfunctional immigration laws.

Since your twitter accountthe diplomat spoke about the tragedy.

“The horrific and tragic death of at least 50 human beings in San Antonio, Texas last night is a result of broken and dysfunctional immigration laws,” Salazar wrote.

He took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of Declaration on Migration issued at the last Summit of the Americas to offer safe, orderly, humane and legal migration.

He also asserted that: “The traffickers and cartels that profit from human suffering must be held accountable.”

Of the 50 dead, it has been confirmed that 22 were Mexicans, seven Guatemalans and two Hondurans.

Join efforts in the investigation

In social networks the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard reported that Mexico was incorporated into the investigation of the tragedy, which is coordinated by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in addition to the fact that a team will travel to Texas next weekend.

“We are in mourning. Huge tragedy. Mexico joins US investigation, coordinated with DHS,” she wrote.

“I held a call with the Attorney General of the Republic, Dr. Alejandro Gertz Manero, who has arranged to open an investigation folder regarding the tragedy in San Antonio Texas due to events related to our territory. He shares with me, he flies a team to Texas for that purpose,” the Mexican foreign minister wrote on Twitter.

For his part, the consul general of Mexico in San Antonio, Rubén Minutti Zanatta, reiterated that attention to families and hospitalized people is being prioritized.

“We are touring the hospitals to attend to the families of the victims and update the corresponding information, we are here to support them and we are here to provide them with all the support of the consular network,” he said in a message posted on social networks.

There are two Mexicans hospitalized receiving care at the Texas Vista Medical Center.

Waiting continues to confirm the identity of the other victims.


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