Ken Follet launches ‘Never’: towards the third world war?

Ken Follett returns to the ‘thriller’ with his new novel, ‘Never’, the story of a global crisis that threatens to lead to outbreak of a new world war and that comes to the bookstores next November 11th.

Published in Spanish in both Spain and Latin America by Plaza & Janés, Ken Follet’s novel is set today and travels from the Sahara desert to the corridors of power in the great capitals of the world.

“When I was documenting myself for ‘The fall of the giants’ I was shocked to realize that World War I was a war that no one wanted. No European leader on either side had any intention of this happening, “recalls the author.

“Could it happen again?”

But, one by one, the leaders “made decisions – logical and moderate decisions – that brought us one step closer to one of the most terrible conflicts the world has ever known. I came to believe that it was all a tragic accident. The dreadful thought that I came up with was: Could it happen again?“, remember.

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‘Never’, more than a “thriller”, is the story of a global crisis “with characters that move through the United States, North Africa and East Asia fighting to avoid the outbreak of a Third World War “, indicates the Welsh writer, who assures that when he began to write he did not know how it was going to end and that the reader will not know until the last page.

Follet, who has sold 178 million copies of its 36 books around the world, published in more than 80 countries and in 33 languages, has visited the novel’s settings for documentation and has met with politicians, ambassadors, the military and others. people in the forefront of world politics, says the publisher.

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