Kavak seduces the international character of the Mexican National Team

Times are unique and of opportunities. This is how the unicorn company Kavak México values ​​it by formalizing a commercial association with the Mexican Selection brand less than a year before the Qatar World Cup begins.

Alejandro Guerra, General Director of Kavak México, a company that buys and sells pre-owned cars, explains to El Economista that soccer is an area of ​​influence in which they will not lose their presence due to their roots in our country and due to the exportable potential. It is the fifth agreement that the start-up company has in sports, counting three in soccer (Club América, Mexican National Team, and its captain “Memo” Ochoa), one in baseball with the Red Devils of Mexico and in motor racing with the driver of Formula 1, Checo Pérez.

“The opportunity and the moment is unique. We aim to be a global leader in the industry in which we are playing and we believe we have the talent to do so. We want to be allies focused on international expansion. Kavak intends to continue its growth and this association helps us align ourselves in that direction. It is an attractive collaboration for our business especially in the stage where the Selection is in view with a view to Qatar 2022 ”.

Kavak entered the automotive market in 2016, as a young company stands out for having grown in value quickly in the history of start-ups. And in terms of investment in sports, they have had a rapid reputation for the portfolio of names that it manages and for the innovative way of returning to shareholder athletes.

How will they manage the sponsorship with the National Team to give it a different character?

“At the moment I would tell you that the focus is on the entire National Team but Kavak is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with different athletes with an international focus. We intend to reach 95% of Mexicans and to get there, we need to continue to be innovative in how. Today the Selection is our next step and it is very likely that it will not be the last.

In what percentage is Kavak of that 95%?

“Kavak is a young company, it has less than 1% market share. We have advanced at a triple digit pace and strengthened our brand nationwide. We still have a way to go ”.

In an estimate of what Kavak could have paid for sponsorship associated with the Mexican National Team in the World Cup year, it is between 2 and 2.5 million dollars, according to information that this newspaper was able to know, behind historical figures and with other types of brands. While a Master category sponsor can pay for four years around 8 and 10 million dollars, in this area are: Adidas (sponsor and partner), AT&T, Coca Cola and Banorte.

“The association with the Mexican National Team is too green to share a detailed plan of what is coming. What I can anticipate is something different from what you have seen with other endorsements. It is a collaboration where we are going to have an important reach. We want to be part of the evolution of soccer in our country and its international growth ”.

Why not agree until the 2026 World Cup?

“It is possible, now the agreement is until December 2022, there is nothing signed that prohibits us from continuing in this relationship. We are just getting to know each other, if we see that this works I would think it could be a long-term relationship. “

The awareness and market expansion that Kavak seeks is a sports marketing strategy. Rodrigo Mort, specialist in Sports Management from the European University of Madrid / Real Madrid CF, former FMF, Adidas and Coca-Cola, current Head of MKT of Kia Mexico explains the concept: “The Mexican National Team is a global sports brand that opens the opportunity from other markets. Kavak with an awareness strategy so that your brand can be better known and a strategy to amplify the development of territories at a national and international level. With the National Team you enter the United States, the largest consumer market in the world ”.

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