Katrine Marçal: “Sin las costureras de sostenes el hombre no habría pisado la Luna”

  • The Swedish periodical, specializing in economics and finance, publishes the book ‘La madre del ingenio’

When in 2015 the Swedish periodical Katrine Marçal (Lund, 1983) submitted to the London School of Economics in April to discuss his book ‘¿Quién le hacía la cena a Adam Smith?’ – a critique of the patriarchal order in the economic world – the veins of the source of the economists’ ally will be changed. Diez años –y a great feminist mobilization– después, Marçal vuelve al ataque con ‘La madre del ingenio’ (Principal of the Books), in examining how historiography has carried out the ideal innovations for women that, with the time –demasiado– are impressed or so is the man. Y en su repaso no se salva ni Silicon Valley.

The prehistoric lance entered official history. El palo excavador, no.

“The computer programming was conducted in the manner of women until it was time for a high remuneration work”

It has not been demonstrated that the first rumors that humanity invented for the sake of it and, consequently, that the authority would lead the man. What is the purpose of the palate that has been removed and returned to the plant that is allowed to remove the soil, where it has nutritious insects that can be stored and preserved in the hall?


Sí. And of the economy of care, in the name of women, surpassing the foundation, the ceramics and the tenor. The official version, without embargo, is that the engine of the human invention is related to the impulse to dominate the world.

“Fast and easy movie” is a lemma by Mark Zuckerberg. ¿Seguimos ahí?

Aplastar, dominar y explotar son claves en la historia de la patriarcal economía.

For the computer programming empezó being something of women, make sure you.

The mujeres eran the 75% of the Bletchley Park plant, where the first programmable processor is constructed to perform descriptive works of German codes during the Second World War. It is considered that to program only it would be necessary to follow instructions, it would be very complicated to run a media. But in the last 60 years the computer computers have been used to program missiles or cobo and pay systems.

Y no les subieron el sueldo.

“The world is a nation of people who prefer to die before they release notions about masculinity”

Pass to be a camp dominated by men just when a work of high remuneration. Hoy sigu el cuento de que chica debe sobreponerse a su genere para occupy un lugar delante orddenador. No es verdad. My mother was a computer programmer in Sweden.


Work on the orders of other women, who come to the house and train tartas. This is the image of the ‘tech’ with the creation, not one of the ingenious many innovating in a garage. He’s been 39 years old, no soy tan mayor.

How is the ‘displacement’ made on your mother?

When it comes to jubilee, the industry has gone all out to be completely masculine and feels sorry for its women.

Silicon Valley Alguien has admitted the debt?

No. And when he presents the book an inverse, many say: “Here are the words, keep the message, but in the end the men have the best ideas”.

The electric car, curiously, existed in the principles of XX. It was descended from being a ‘female vehicle’.

The world is full of people who prefer to die before they release notions about masculinity. The electric car of 1900 was less fast, less remote and, above all, no need to push wheels on a manual. Henry Ford bought one of his shoes. But a green man conducts gasoline. I have not seen Elon Musk’s law since it was a stupid idea.

Without prejudice, we will not quarrel over this rapid emergence of climate change.

Probably. It is true that the cargo of batteries is a problematic entone, but to describe the potential of an innovation to keep a female user a big mistake.

“The ‘hombre de verdad’ did not produce the electric coach of 1900 because ‘era mujeres’. Elon Musk was called and it was a stupid idea”

It should also be noted that the male is not related to the Luna de no ser on the costumes and tassels.

When Neil Armstrong descended on the escalators of the lunar module in 1969, he had a difficult walkway for costumes with experience in the extenuant art of cosera ropa interior in Playtex. It was difficult to convene at Nasa. Engineers demand plans and costumes use patterns. The first trajectory was based on “not complete with the documentation”. Hoy hay costureras en la Nasa.

Hoy, the 1% of the venture capital will be ready for women projects.

The logic of ‘venture capital’ has the form of a ‘stick’ of hockey: buscan projects that are well established in nothing, or the creation of an exponential manner. And that’s what I posted on Facebook. For the most part, the deals that plant the women suelen have great benefits from the very beginning. It’s not interesting for investors.

Kyle Jenner is a millionaire. Approve your business model?

The ‘glamor labor’ has been a problem for me, as I have not been able to consume it ever since. On the other hand, the ‘influencers’ business model depends on the algorithm designed by Mark Zuckerberg.

From an argument to disrupt the tozudez of the patriarchal economy.

He explained that it was stupid to not invest in projects that could make us happier and richer in everything.

Why on earth do you want to shoot yourself?

For a new financing logic; desde luego, to rewrite the history of technology including the silent voices of the women, and to alleviate the road of regression of the women to the sciences of computerization, of which there was an expulsion.

“Have you been driving the regression truck of the women to the sciences of computerization, where they were fired”

Suena a empezar desde muy abajo.

Many of those who read my book in Sweden and the United States say they are depressed. But he only pretends to show how deep he is, the patriarchal narrative lines … I do not believe that he is depressed, only he sees the potential of an inclusive innovation, which approves the range of abilities to create.

And advertise dar valor al cuerpo.

Economists love the rational and the incorruptible. They are focused on artificial intelligence, but there is the intelligence of the corpses. Take the body seriously and create an economy that attributes to human necessities a prime location. Impotence and dependence also form part of the human experience.

Who lost the female talent?

Although suene grandilocuente, the mayor loses is human progress.

“The biggest loser in underestimating female talent is human progress”

Do you like to predict the future?

The best way to predict is to create. It’s an election issue. And I have to say that I need to make it clear: technology is not a natural force, which empathizes with what we call it. We are the human beings who invent, build and compromise the machines. Debemos manejarlas, no ser manejados por ellas.

¿In what sailed everything will come as the custom?

Feminism has long had a logical meaning.

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