Kate Moss turns 50

(London) The “ So British » Kate Moss, supermodel and queen of cool who changed the world of fashion with his rebellious air, celebrates his 50th birthday on Tuesday, and continues to fascinate his country.

Already in September, the Times asked him about his birthday. She said she was in “denial” over the years that passed. “I’m not going to be 50. (…) No. I do not think about it “.

The British newspapers took it upon themselves to remind him of this, with their articles devoted to this anniversary.

THE Guardian interviewed photographers who took some of his most famous photos.

“You couldn’t take a bad photo of her,” says Kate Garner, describing her as “so British.” “Of all the photos I’ve taken of celebrities, it’s Kate’s that continues to sell,” says the photographer.

Kate Moss, who grew up in south London, was spotted at 14 in a New York airport where she was in transit.

It was with her campaign for Calvin Klein that she suddenly became famous at the age of 17. With her youthful appearance, she poses in her underwear in lascivious postures.

In 2022, on the BBC, Kate Moss explained that she felt “objectified, vulnerable and scared”.

At the time, his thinness was all the rage. She embodies the trend “ heroin chic », with her emaciated features, and contrasts with the models of the moment, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, etc.

Gold statue


Kate Moss poses for Mario Testino in 2008.

Brands are fighting for it. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers. Her Glastonbury Festival look, bare legs in rubber boots, in England, is everywhere. She sets trends.

With her excesses and her glamorous life, she is the talk of the press people. She is in a relationship with the actor Johnny Depp then with the rock star Pete Doherty, with whom she co-writes a few songs.

In 2005, tabloids published a photo of Kate Moss apparently taking cocaine. She loses contracts. It was then said that his career was over. But no charges were brought against her and she bounced back, ever more popular.

In 2011, she married fellow rock star Jamie Hince. But the couple separated a few years later.

Kate Moss’ influence extends beyond the fashion world. The British painter Lucian Freud painted his portrait.

A statue of her, in 18 carat gold, made by Marc Quinn, was exhibited at the British Museum in 2008.


Kate Moss in the film Absolutely Fabulous

At the National Portrait Gallery in London, there are eight portraits of Kate Moss.

Even the Belgian singer Stromae talks about her in one of his songs: “There is only Kate Moss who is eternal,” he says, in All The same.

The ex-top model, mother of Lila Moss, 21, also a model, seems to now have a much more orderly life. In his interview with Timesshe explains going to bed early, leaving parties around midnight.

She launched her brand of beauty and wellness products, and her own modeling agency.

She sometimes does “ moon bathing “, Write the Timesa practice of lying under the light of the moon to absorb lunar energy.

According to the newspaper Evening Standardwho posted an article Friday about her wildest birthday parties, Kate Moss will celebrate her 50th birthday on Mustique Island in the Caribbean.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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