Guadalajara, Jalisco. Due to the fact that more and more real estate developments and companies that develop both vertical towers and industrial buildings appear in the entity, the company Kartensoll México promotes the certification of construction processes to generate confidence in the real estate sector.

The president of the company’s board of directors, Diego Espinosa de los Monteros, told El Economista that the objective of the certification is “to strengthen the integrity and cooperation of the entire production chain of the real estate sector, with the aim of generating a harmony between the interested parties and generate confidence and certainty to the final consumer”.

After signing an agreement with the Association of Industrial Parks of the State of Jalisco (APIEJ), Espinosa de los Monteros de la Torre detailed the growth that the development of industrial buildings has had in the entity.

“APIEJ is now made up of 43 industrial parks that represent 2.9 billion dollars in investment in industrial infrastructure in the state of Jalisco alone. They occupy 2,850 hectares of industrial land and more than 4,000 million square meters of industrial warehouses”, he explained.

As a whole, the entire real estate sector represents 12.3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the entity, so, according to the president of Kartensoll Mexico, “it is necessary to purge the pseudo-developers to strengthen the ethical developer, fulfilled, professional who has experience and restore integrity and trust in the real estate sector”.

And it is that the company certifies processes that the investor or the final consumer cannot see, since to certify 114 indicators are measured that correspond to four large areas: the company that develops it, the legal part, the technical part and the financial part.

Kartensoll is ISO 37001 certified by Global Standards and is the first company in the real estate sector to have anti-bribery and conflict of interest certification.

Likewise, the company works with the municipal governments of Guadalajara and Zapopan so that the certification is required of all developers and the intention is to include it in the 2023 Revenue Law.

“There is also already a single window for those projects that have this type of certification process, to streamline their procedures. In the end, that generates good practices”, pointed out Espinosa de Los Monteros.

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