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  • Produced by ARK Records “Contigo” is the first musical collaboration released by Fabiola Guajardo, Kalimba & Yhezid
  • “Contigo” is now available on all music platforms
  • Musical artists spoke for Mundo Hispánico

Fabiola Guajardo Yhezid Kalimba single Contigo. Music has become the link where personalities converge in an organic way that in other areas of the performing arts would have been difficult to see together and that is also known by the actress Fabiola Guajardo, Yhezid and the popular singer Kalimba, who spoke exclusively with Mundo Hispánico.

Leaving aside their independent projects, “Contigo” is the stage where the voices of Fabiola Guajardo, Kalimba & Yhezid join the urban genre pop.

Available for download and playback on all digital platforms since last February 4, and the singers also released their own video for this song which already has a challenge on Tik Tok.


How do you feel about the release of the single?
“We are very very happy, I am very happy to release that song, it is a song that we have already planned for a long time since the end of 2019, which you can already enjoy with an incredible video that we did with a lot of love. We already have a friendship for about 13 years and one day… I have a musical group, I am producing a musical group called Queen of Hearts and I love to sing and one day I told Kalimba I want to put out my songs, I want to sing and I He said to see him sing, he liked it. And we started to compose and this beautiful song came out, as you say it has not been easy at all because of the situation but I think that by putting all the love in the world and with a lot of desire, a lot of strength, many things are achieved and here is the result. “

Fabiola Guajardo Yhezid Kalimba single Contigo 2


With you he talks about yearnings, tell me a little about how he was born?
“Talk about the longings for having your loved one close. Of missing someone you love, of being in love, that if you leave, even if it’s another room, even if it’s working, you want them to come back. It is the most beautiful of timeless songs and love is timeless. The love is for ever.”

Fabiola Guajardo Yhezid Kalimba single Contigo 3


Was the video recorded at your house, Kalimba? “The truth is that it was incredible and I think it is important, it is a great moment for creatives, it looked really intimate and beautiful.”

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Yhezid’s experience

Fabiola Guajardo Yhezid Kalimba single Contigo. For his part, Yhezid talks about his new experience: How was your experience of this new stage of being with Kalimba and Fabiola?


“I am very excited, the process of developing a career is very nice, I have been making music since I was three years old, and I had a clear goal, although some of us are limited in some things, the idea is always to go forward and today that I am with ARK Records, that I stopped being an independent artist, and I am becoming an emerging artist, it is beautiful how Kalimba decides to give me the opportunity, “said Yhezid.

About Fabiola Guajardo the singer He said that he had already known her before, knew about her from her career as an actress in soap operas, and explains that the song speaks of the lives of those who made this single.


The now singer Fabiola Guajardo spoke about how since she was little she has always liked music, she sang with a round brush as a microphone, to sing and dance in front of a mirror.

“Music is a complement to my career, in 2014 I had the opportunity to do an incidental in” I walk with men “, and I want to continue combining this,” says Guajardo.

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Kalimba and OV7

Fabiola Guajardo Yhezid Kalimba single Contigo. The musical artist Kalimba talks about new projects coming up in his career with his label and whether he will be with the OV7 group.


“Yhezid’s video is coming with the label, there’s a new song with Óscar Calderón, and I’m about to release my first single in March,” Exclusivos “from the new album, and here we go for that part with the label, as for the tour. with Ov7 it is absolutely stopped, it is stopped, because OV7 is an iconic group that fills places with 40 thousand or 60 thousand people and today the concentration of so many people is impossible, due to the situation in which we live, if in a few months they tell us, we will start to set up the tour, but here we are to celebrate whenever possible, for now we will continue with the solo career ”.

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“Regarding the rumors of the conflicts with OV7, Kalimba responds,” From the outside I see them united and loving, I see them well, I was not in the controversy that was created I was on tour, the intrigue is not part of my life, I I saw them embraced and I did not see that there was anything to heal ”, clarified the singer.

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