Kai Etxaniz makes visible the reality of trans minors in ‘Got Talent’: “You are not alone”

Sexual diversity has once again been very present in the new audition gala for ‘Got Talent Spain 7’ on Telecinco. On this occasion, the format has received this Friday Kai Etxaniz, a 46-year-old musician who has come on stage to perform a song with an important message: “I come to make visible the joy of trans childhood when it is heard, known and felt as it really is“.

“The Naizen association is made up of families of trans minors. They called me asking what I thought was composing a song for childhood. I said yes, and that I was also going to write it to my inner child to make him happy. I have lived the experience in the first person because I too I am trans and it seems very important to send the message that we have existed since we were little and, if they deny us, they only create pain“, assured the composer, who also revealed that he had worked with Edurne.

Kai was also accompanied by three minors from the association, who also spoke about this reality so that people would know it better: “In our cases, our environments have respected us as we are, and that is very important because only we know what we are, but there are people who do not have it so easy“.

“Parents cannot do anything to change who their children are. You simply have to listen to them and accompany them because they speak very clearly on many occasions,” said the singer. “To the boys and girls who are watching this from their homes. If you find yourself lost or like that, know that You are not alone and, calm down, because there are more people like you. If they don’t respect you, you don’t have the problem“, assured the children of the Naizen association in this video

“What we want is for these people to live fully and calmly. It is very important that people are not abandoned, that they let them be and that society assimilate that diversity exists“Kai stated before performing onstage in Fremante’s format (‘Amor con bail’, ‘Mask Singer’).

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Finally, Kai left the stage of the seventh season of ‘Got Talent’ with two of the three ‘yeses’ necessary to pass to the next phase and receiving a great ovation from the public, which stood in the stalls of the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid.


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