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The mother of three-year-old Kaden Young, who was washed away by the flooded Grand River near Orangeville, Ontario, in 2018, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence resulting in death.

Michelle Hanson pleaded guilty during a virtual court appearance Tuesday morning.

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Kaden Young’s mother charged in the child’s death

Kaden was pulled from his mother’s arms by the strong current after his minivan sank into the overgrown Grand River in the early hours of February 21, 2018.

A consensual statement of facts read in court detailed that Hanson decided to take his son for a drive because he was having trouble sleeping and the incident occurred within minutes of leaving his home.

The court heard that Hanson drove around an eight-foot wooden barricade that had a reflective “road closed” sign and several orange pylons.

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The road was completely submerged under water and a flood advisory was in effect at the time.

Kaden was in her car seat when the truck was swept away. Hanson was able to escape with Kaden, but he slipped out of his mother’s grasp and was swept downstream.

Despite a massive search for Kaden, her body was not found for another two months under a bridge in Belwood Lake on April 21, 2018.

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Worrying allegations against mother of child who drowned in Grand River

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The court heard that Hanson was pulled from the river by paramedics who detected alcohol on her breath.

The Forensic Science Center determined the presence of alcohol and drugs in his blood, but tests showed that Hanson’s blood alcohol concentration was 60 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milligrams of alcohol, which would be in the “warning range. “for drivers.

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Crown rules out dangerous driving leading to death charges against Kaden Young’s mother

The tests also showed oxycodone detected in Hanson’s blood within a therapeutic range. The court heard that there was no evidence to show that Hanson was affected by the drugs found in her blood.

Hanson was initially charged with drunk driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death.

Both the drunk driving and dangerous driving charges were dropped by the Crown and Hanson only pleaded guilty to the third count.

He is scheduled to appear in court on January 18 to receive sentencing.

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