Justin still betrays future generations

Tongue forked like a snake, Justin Trudeau once again betrayed future generations this week. Climate change will be amplified because of him and he has no more excuses.

The budget tabled yesterday demonstrated once again our dependence on oil and the royalties it provides to the government.

Moreover, the fine words of Justin Trudeau about sustainable development fly away at the rate at which Canada emits GHGs.

On Monday, the best scientists on the planet informed the United Nations that a catastrophe awaits humanity if we do not stop increasing the production of fossil fuels.

Then, on Wednesday, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals approved a new oil megaproject off the coast of Newfoundland.

His government had recently announced a major increase in oil production in the country.

Over the next few years, these two decisions will add billions of barrels of oil to our production, whereas we had promised to reduce it.


I was in the same room as Trudeau, in Paris, in 2015, when he thundered: “Canada is back. People understood that we were now going to meet our international obligations to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, we have had the worst record in the G-7.

This new oil project, as insane as it is dangerous, comes at a very bad time for the planet and at a very good time for the oil industry. We are at a tipping point.

But don’t worry, according to Trudeau, we’re looking for green oil!

These millions of tonnes of new GHGs will affect the quality of life, the standard of living and the living environment of future generations, but Trudeau doesn’t care.

Trudeau has already shared his true thoughts during a famous evening with the oil industry in Texas: he will never leave our oil in the ground, he will extract it!


Sometimes it’s hard to believe what you can’t see.

When the pandemic hit, although the virus itself was not visible, its effects were.

Yet a movement was formed, made up of people who convinced themselves that this devastating reality was an invention of governments and the media.

A disinformation campaign on climate change, orchestrated and financed by the oil industry, had a similar effect.

It is hardly surprising, in this context, that an increase in greenhouse gases, in particular CO2is not perceived by some to be the imminent danger that it really is.

We do not see the CO2. Its effects, forest fires, droughts, storms can seem far away from us.

But the fires in British Columbia, California and Australia are just the beginning. Climate change will catch up with us here as well and will affect our ecosystems, particularly in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


It is the entire planet that is endangered by rash and irresponsible decisions like those of Trudeau.

Steven Guilbeault’s support for this tragic stupidity contradicts everything he preached for thirty years. He is far too intelligent to believe, even for a second, in his promise that this new oil mega-project will have a “net zero” effect in terms of greenhouse gases.

What is “net zero” is the credibility of the Trudeau government in the environment.


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