Justice overturns the sentence that recognized the intoxication of José María Íñigo by asbestos on TVE

Unexpected resolution of long judicial process between the family of José María Íñigo and TVE. The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid has ruled against the family in the battle to acknowledge that the presenter’s death was caused by asbestos poisoning in public.

As reported tell, the judicial process has come to an end, leaving in doubt that this is the reason why Íñigo suffered the tumor that ended his life. The journalist suffered a pleural mesothelioma, a very rare tumor that experts relate directly and exclusively to asbestos poisoning.

After his reluctance at first, It was José María Íñigo himself who decided to denounce TVE. The matter goes back to the beginnings of Íñigo in TVE, when he worked in Estudio 1 de Prado del Rey. In 1964 it was covered with asbestos fiber for its acoustic insulation. When the presenter was aware of this situation, he informed him of what was his home. From the corporation they explained that the only way for such a circumstance to be recognized was to denounce the public.

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On January 21, when the matter was already in the hands of his family, a lawsuit was held against Social Security. The resolution of the Social Court No. 2 of Madrid agreed with the family, since there were “solid elements& rdquor; to relate the onset of the disease.

Until 1986, asbestos was placed in the studios without elements that would isolate it from the workers, so it was considered that the journalist “came into contact with asbestos at the time of greatest exposure hazard & rdquor ;. However, despite the fact that the argument on which the claim is based is based on the fact that there is a 90% probability, justice welcomes that remaining 10% that serves to harbor doubts about the origin of the disease.


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