Justice endorses the covid passport in restaurants, gyms and residences in Catalonia

  • The Superior Prosecutor’s Office of Catalonia has opposed the application of this measure, which, however, goes ahead by the decision of the magistrates of the high court

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) endorses the extension of the covid passport in restaurants, gyms and residences. The extension of this certificate will enter effective this friday and it will keep for at least two weeks. Then the covid passport will become mandatory to enter inside bars and restaurants, whatever its capacity, but not to access the terraces and open spaces.

For the moment, the Generalitat rules out applying it in cultural venues such as cinemas and theaters, although the future of this measure will depend on how the epidemiological situation evolves.

Experts have been defending this change in the regulations for days, which they see key to slowing the growth of sixth wave cases of coronavirus, and more, facing a bridge of the Constitution and a Christmas where it is expected that the typical social encounters of these dates could lead to another rebound in infections.

This morning the ‘Minister’ of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, was confident that the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) would endorse the expansion of the use of the Covid passport in restaurants, gyms, sports centers and residences before the worsening of epidemiological indicators. Until now it is only necessary for nightlife.

“The fair degree of solicitude”, according to Argimon

“We have asked for the right degree of application to be able to use this digital certificate,” argued the ‘minister’ in statements to journalists from the Museu d’Art Nacional de Catalunya (MNAC) after presenting a workshop for health professionals against sexist violence that organized by the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS).

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Argimon regretted that the application of the certificate is a “loss of rights and freedoms” but has pointed out that, throughout the pandemic, there have been larger cuts in this line such as confinement and curfew.

When asked if the use of the certificate will be enough to slow the growth of the indicators, has argued that pandemic control is a “trial and error” and has clarified that, so far, the certificate has been used in Europe to encourage vaccination while, now, the purpose is different, according to Argimon.


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