Junts also threatens an amendment to the entire state accounts

  • Artadi observes a “turn” by ERC in favor of joint independence negotiations in Madrid

  • Junts sympathizes with Podemos deputy Alberto Rodríguez

  • The party avoids ruling on the repeal of the labor reform

Junts per Catalunya has announced the possibility of presenting an amendment to the entirety against the State budget, in view of what it has described as “immobility” of the Government in the face of independence claims. An option that Junts proposes that, if necessary, be presented jointly with ERC. The announcement comes when ERC has also announced the possibility of presenting a frontal no to the project. JxCat has once again called on ERC to make a “common front” in Congress in the budget negotiation and has affirmed that the Republicans have undertaken a “turn” in response to claims of the formation of the ‘expresident’ Carles Puigdemont, according to the version of the JxCat spokesperson Elsa Artadi. The party will meet its executive on Thursday in an extraordinary way to make a decision on the amendment to the whole. “We have prepared the amendment, we will decide on Thursday,” he added.

“Jxcat does not rule out in any way presenting the amendment to the entirety, there is no progress on the political side, the case of the Podemos deputy [Alberto Rodriguez] It is a flagrant attack against democracy, there is no progress in the broad sense of democracy, neither in terms of amnesty and the exercise of self-determination, but neither in more material issues that are also fundamental to be able to close the accounts in the Generalitat: the extraordinary fund covid, which also affects other autonomous governments, and which is essential; the co-management of European funds, which has been breached at each negotiation; Mechanisms to ensure that the agreed money is executed is a matter of political will. There are mechanisms to do this & rdquor ;, has described Artadi at a press conference.

Offer and dart to ERC

The spokeswoman has denounced “immobility” and “little reception” by the Government regarding budgets that, according to Artadi, “continue to belittle Catalonia.” “Perhaps they are too used to being approved with little demand“, the spokesperson snapped, in an implicit dart to Esquerra, which has again summoned to negotiate jointly with the Government:” We celebrate ERC’s turnaround, incorporating elements that we have been denouncing from the beginning, which are counterparts such as the audiovisual law or compliance with guarantees [de los presupuestos]. We will see if the common front can finally be built. “

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Labour reform

Asked about the deep conflict between the two partners of the Government about the repeal of the PP labor reform -with the support of CiU-, Artadi has answered, concisely: “We have not entered at the executive level, you will allow me prudence, in the face of the next press conference I will try to give you a return & rdquor ;.


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