June 27th Miracle organizers look to community to keep miracle alive

Organizers of the world’s largest food drive are calling on residents to continue the miracle.

June 27 has been marked on the calendar of many Windsor-Essex residents over the last two years with the community banding together to help those in need.

While porch pick-ups and donation centers will not be taking place this year, organizers are hoping the community keeps the miracle alive and are challenging residents to “shop and drop” by bringing a donation to a food pantry or local charity.

The June 27th Miracle promoted awareness about food insecurity in the region that organizers say was still there before the pandemic began.

“Even though the world seems to be headed into a new normal, it doesn’t mean food insecurity has gone away,” organizers said in a news release. “Food bank usage is at an all-time high while food bank donations are at all-time lows. With this as the backdrop, the initiative that you can still go out on June 27th and help your neighbors is still just as meaningful, even without a porch.”

The organizing committee is encouraging businesses, families, friends and coworkers to grab a can from your pantry on June 27 with the miracle in mind.

One can, box of toiletries or monetary donation to a local food bank will help to keep the spirit of June 27 alive, organizers said.

“For two special years the June 27th Miracle took place in Windsor-Essex and we will never forget it,” the committee said. “Be proud knowing your contribution, whether large or small, made a huge impact on those who need it most, and still can. By trusting ourselves and trusting each other, we can achieve the largest impact that we all can be proud of. The organizing committee looks forward to watching the community take the lead!”

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