Julie Snyder says she ran away from Gilbert Rozon in the middle of the night

The account is contained in Ms Snyder’s written defense, in response to the libel suit brought by the founder of Just for Laughs. The allegations have not yet passed the test of the courts, no date has been determined for the trial.

In 1991, Julie Snyder, young animator in her twentiesobtains permission from a director of Just for Laughs to spend a few nights at the company’s Paris apartment.

One evening when Gilbert Rozon would have gone to the accommodation, they would have exchanged Cordially before the facilitator goes to bed, alone.

At no time did Mrs. Snyder demonstrate any attraction or entertain any romantic idea towards the applicantcan we read in the court document, filed in the file in the last few weeks.

She would have run away at night

That night, Julie Snyder would have woken up terrified in feeling a pressure in his back.

Gilbert Rozon, naked, a crazy, unrecognizable lookwould have tried to penetrate it. He seems to be in a tranceas he tries to take off her pajamas, she wrote.

After successfully fending him off, Julie Snyder grabbed her purse and shoes […] and leaves the apartment running.

The host would have run to the Champs-Élysées, before realizing that she was not followed.

She would then have gone to friends by taxi, returning to pick up her luggage in the following days before leaving Paris.

A drop in the ocean of allegations

It wasn’t until 2020 that Julie Snyder made public allegations against Gilbert Rozon on the set of her show. The week of 4 Juliewhile she receives Pénélope McQuade, who reiterates that she was the victim of sexual misconduct on the part of the businessman.

Gilbert Rozon counters with a $450,000 defamation lawsuit. He denies all allegations of sexual assault against him.

The host on the Children of TV set.

Penelope McQuade

Photo: Radio-Canada / Penelope Roy Dumouchel

However, both Penelope McQuade and Julie Snyder maintain that the businessman has only him to blame for his bad reputation with women and deny having caused him any damage.

Not only would their words be legitimateaccording to Julie Snyder’s written defense, but they could also be considered a drop in the ocean of pre-existing allegationsshe wrote.

Ms Snyder refers to the wave of public denunciations against Rozon in 2017, which led to him being called a sexual predator and caused him to leave his empire.

The two facilitators criticize Gilbert Rozon for trying to muzzle with a SLAPP and pursue it in turn.

While Pénélope McQuade claims reimbursement of her legal fees, Julie Snyder claims punitive damages that she will pay to a charity in support of women victims of sexual violence. The amount is not defined.

I can’t wait for someone to apologize

During an out-of-court interrogation last September, Gilbert Rozon denied having had sex with Julie Snyder.

Describing the host as a woman of able, charming, charminghe told the story of an evening that occurred about thirty years ago, during which she guest at his apartment in Paris, late at nightin pajamas, tightwhile she was in crisis since she was going through a breakup.

I need comfortJulie Snyder would have told him when he arrived. So I took her in my arms, I held her tight, then she kept on shaking, supports Gilbert Rozon, who swears not to have gone further. The young woman would have finally gone to bed in a room, alone.

As for Penelope McQuade, she’s got the wrong guyargues Gilbert Rozon, who claims to have always been flawless with women. I can’t wait for someone to apologize for using terms and lyingdid he declare.

Gilbert Rozon, 67, is facing civil lawsuits totaling more than $9 million from six other women.

He was acquitted of charges of rape and indecent assault against him in December 2020.


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