Judith Butler, philosopher and activist, winner of the Catalan International Prize

  • The stadium has questioned the notions of sex and gender based on the basics of queer theory

  • The galardonada article on his theoretical project to combat violence in all its aspects

The philosopher and activist of the stadium Judith Butler ha sido galardonada con el XXXIII Premio Internacional Catalunya. The President of the Generalitate, Pere Aragonès, has announced that he has suspended his activism by the rights of the collective LGTB y el moving queer.

To fight the violence

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Butler draws civic and political compromise with each article on his theoretical project of combat all forms of violence: the normative, the symbolic, the physical, the sexual or the political “, has underlined the President of the Generalitat, who has classified”inspirator“the thought of the philosopher.

También also insured that Butler represent the values de equality, fraternity, non-violence and liberty with those who also identify Catalonia.


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