Judge indicts suspect for murder of Helena Jubany

The head of the Court of First Instance 2 of Sabadell, Juan Díaz Villar, agreed on Wednesday to carry out new investigations into the case of the murder of the young librarian Helena Jubany in 2001 and has summoned a suspect, XJM, to testify as a defendant as a result of an email he sent to the victim. The date of the interrogation will be set when a calligraphic report is provided on the handwriting of anonymous letters received by the victim, who was found dead on December 2, 2001.

The judge has transferred an expert report provided by the private prosecution to the police investigating the hard drive of Jubany’s computer. He also orders a calligraphic comparison between the handwriting of the suspect now under investigation and the manuscripts that the victim received in his day.

The judge assures in his car that there are new elements of evidence to reopen the case (there are a few months left for the prescription of the crime due to the passage of time), after Jubany’s family warned in an expert report that XJM sent an email electronic mail to the victim on May 17, 2001, a fact that the gown considered “novel, useful and relevant”, since this document was not included in the case.

“The content of the email presents a clear and direct connection with the anonymous text received by Helena Jubany, on October 9, 2001, and which is linked (due to the presence of benzodiazepines in orange juice) with her death” he added.

The judge details that the email also made reference to two elements that also appeared in the anonymous text, and considers that “the coincidence could not be accidental.”

A horchata

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Thus, in the first anonymous note a horchata was attached –drink that XJM knew the victim liked–, and in the second anonymous it referred to future excursions of the Sabadell Excursionist Union (UES) and to the improvement of English, questions that were part of conversations between the accused and the victim.

After the second anonymous one (“a sort of riddle with clues so that the young woman could find out the car of this and the previous one), Jubany commented with a friend that she suspected the investigated, and the judge maintains that” the email provided is an indication new and relevant to be able to conclude “provisionally and incidentally” that the person under investigation could have written or dictated the content of, at least, the second anonymous one. For this reason, it proceeds to attribute to XJ M the status of being investigated in the case and agrees to summon him to testify in the future. The young librarian was found dead after being thrown into the void in an interior courtyard, naked and with several burns on her body. n


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