Judge gives Apple 30 days to relax control of its App Store payment options

A US judge on Tuesday rejected the request for Apple deferring authorization for products of the App Store can be sold without using his payment system, and he said he had 30 days to comply.

The case originated from a lawsuit by the game developer Epic Games, creator of the popular Fortnite.

Apple wanted the amendment, which must take effect no later than December 9, to be suspended while it appeals a ruling from the Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in the antitrust case brought by Epic.

This company filed the lawsuit to break the control of Apple on App Store, accusing the manufacturer of the iPhone to operate a monopoly in the payment method of its digital goods and services store.

In Tuesday’s decision, Judge González Rogers ordered that Apple loosen control of your payment options App Store, although he clarified that Epic Games it did not show any violations of antitrust laws.

“The resource of Apple it is based on a selective reading of the court’s findings and ignores all the findings that support the order, “the judge wrote in her decision.

Apple believes that no change can take effect until all the appeals of the case are resolved, “said a spokesman for the company before an AFP query.

“We want to ask the Ninth Circuit for a suspension based on these circumstances,” the spokesperson added, referring to a federal appeals court.

For Epic Games And other companies, the ability to use other payment methods is not enough: they want players to be able to pay them directly without leaving the game.

But Apple It alleges that this would lead to a loss of trust and integrity in the platform, which the judge considered as something “exaggerated”.


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