Judge empowers the FIU to keep the accounts of Genaro García Luna frozen

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit announced that the Tenth District Court in administrative matters in Mexico City, denied an amparo to the former secretary of federal Public Security, Genaro García Luna, so that his accounts were unblocked.

Therefore, the FIU He said that this person – imprisoned in the United States for crimes of conspiracy to carry out drug trafficking – will continue in the Blocked People List.

The FIU headed by Pablo Gómez indicated that when resolving amparo 106/2020, the court considered that this instance did contribute elements to the amparo trial that allow it to be determined that the blocking of accounts was carried out “in compliance with the obligation that the Mexican State has to carry out rapid action measures to identify and freeze assets related to money laundering”.

This judicial decision meant a new legal setback in Mexico against Garcia Lunasince last April 27, the Eighth Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters in Mexico City denied an injunction for the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) will release his bank accounts and three properties owned by him in Morelos and Mexico City.

The magistrates of that court, Jorge Isaac Lagunes Leano, Elilsa Macrina Álvarez Castro and Taissia Cruz Parcero, unanimously denied an amparo to Garcia Luna against the previous decision of the district judge Yazmín Eréndira Ruiz, who considered that the amparos promoted by the former official were presented in an extemporaneous manner.

In December 2021, García Luna -who is under trial in the United States for drug trafficking- challenged in Mexico the decision of the FGR to freeze his accounts and secure three of his properties for the investigation he is carrying out for the crime of illicit enrichment.

On November 10, 2021, Judge Yazmín Eréndira Ruiz, head of the Sixteenth District Court for Criminal Matters, decided to dismiss the lawsuit since the former official filed it untimely.

The General Prosecutor of the Republic In December of last year, he secured three properties in Mexico from former Secretary Genaro García Luna.

The three buildings are located: one in the Jardines en la Montaña neighborhood, Tlalpan City Hall, Mexico City. One more in the Pedregal de las Fuentes subdivision, municipality of Jiutepec, Morelos. And the third in the Paseos del Sur neighborhood, Xochimilco Mayor’s Office in Mexico City

The seizure was by virtue of being considered probable proceeds of the crime of illicit enrichment, according to the FGR.


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