Judge dictates preventive detention to Julio César Serna, former head of Miguel Ángel Mancera’s cabinet

A control judge of Mexico City issued preventive detention and ordered the freezing of accounts to Julio Cesar Serna Chavez, former chief of staff of Miguel Angel Mancera and former general coordinator of the Wholesale Market (Ceda).

Serna Chávez was arrested on Sunday by elements of the CDMX Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX), accused of illicit enrichment, for which he will continue to be a prisoner in the North Prison for the duration of the complementary investigation.

During the initial hearing that was held this Monday, agents of the Public Ministry of the Capital Prosecutor’s Office informed the detainee about the causes of the investigation against him, since he is related to the alleged sale and illegal allocation of warehouses in the Iztapalapa Supply PlantFurthermore, his expenses do not correspond to his income and the properties he acquired when he was a public servant were not recorded in his wealth declaration.

Julio Cesar Serna, former general coordinator of the Cabinet of the Headquarters of the Government of Mexico City, was disqualified in September 2019 by the Office of the Comptroller for a period of 10 years, together with two other public servants, for incurring irregularities in the sale and illegal allocation of warehouses in the Ceda.

According to FGJCDMX, three former officials identified unused warehouses of the Central de Abastos and assigned them so that they could immediately sell them.

Julio César Serna is also related to an investigation folder initiated in the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the investigation of crimes committed by public servants due to improper use of powers, and in another due to an event in Iztapalapa for damage to someone else’s property.

Five properties and a parking lot located in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office were located to the former capital official that are not contemplated in his patrimonial declarations. In addition, according to the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office, Ulises Lara, he has a company name (a company) and 14 other properties that are not included in his declarations of interests.



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