Juana Rivas will be able to spend Christmas with her children and sleep at home under telematic control

Juana rivas will be able to pass the Christmas with your children by modifying the Social Insertion Center (CIS) of Granada the modality of third degree, as of December 22, article 86.4 of the Penitentiary Regulations will be applied, which allows the telematic control to prevent spend the night in the prison.

According to prison sources, Juana Rivas has to continue spending the night at the CIS – even beyond the 22nd – until the bracelet for telematic control. In addition, the treatment board of the CIS of Granada has approved that he can leave from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., as well as that he enjoy permits every weekend.

The decision has been adopted, according to these sources, within the revision of the penitentiary classification that is carried out ordinarily every six months. Juana Rivas, who has already completed her mental treatment program at the CIS Matilde Cantos de Granada, will be able to take care of your childrens during the Christmas holidays, in a decision endorsed in this case by the judge of Italy.

In addition, Juana Rivas has to appear once a week at the CIS and You cannot leave the Granada metropolitan area without first requesting authorization. It has also been imposed the obligation to be permanently located through a telephone, in case it is required by the technical staff, as well as submitting to a monthly check on their work activity.

Change in the third degree

After the decision of the treatment board approved this Wednesday, Juana Rivas goes from the third degree with application of article 82.1, to a third degree but with article 86.4.

This allows the inmate spend the night outside the center -the regulation establishes that the minimum time of stay in the center is eight hours a day- if “you accept the control of your presence outside the center by telematics devices provided by the Penitentiary Administration or other sufficient control mechanisms “.

In the 86.4 modality, the inmate only has to stay in the establishment for the time set in his treatment program to carry out activities, interviews and face-to-face controls.

In a statement, Juana Rivas’ lawyer, Carlos Aránguez, congratulated himself on Thursday that his client can spend Christmas with his children. The lawyer has formalized in parallel the appeal before the Provincial Court of Granada requesting the revocation of the order issued by the Criminal Court 1 of Granada that refused to suspend the execution of the sentence that Juana Rivas has to serve, specifically, ten months after serving five.

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The Criminal Court 1 of Granada rejected last Friday to suspend the prison sentence What remains for Juana Rivas to comply with after the partial pardon granted by the Government after being convicted of the abduction of her two minor children in the summer of 2017.

Judge Manuel Piñar alleged that Rivas – whose sentence after the pardon has been reduced to one year and three months in prison – “has not shown repentance,” also pointing to alleged sexual abuse of one of her children while in the custody of the mother.


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