Juan Toscano, defensive strength to extend NBA career

It’s not all about scoring points in the NBA. The league’s scouting specialists consider that Juan Toscano’s contribution to the defense of the Golden State Warriors It is one of the weapons that will allow you to extend your stay at the highest level of basketball. Additionally, the shooting guard finds his value in being a dynamic player who can play in any position.

“I can play from one to five, I can handle the ball, I can do anything. I think the issue to have a long career (in the NBA) is to find your place on the team. We have Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, the Golden State Warriors don’t need Juan scoring points, we already have all that, I’m looking for my place to help the team. When the opportunity is there to score and score points I will be ready to shoot the ball, but I know my role and that is the difference to have a place in a good team or not, “said the basketball player to The Economist.

Juan Toscano, born in Oakland but of a Michoacan mother, is the fifth Mexican to play in the NBA after Horacio Llamas (post), Eduardo Nájera (power forward), Gustavo Ayón (post) and Jorge Gutiérrez (base). He is entering his third season, but the first with a full contract, since in the others his status was as a “dual” player, with whom he served Golden State and its affiliate in the G-League, so he had a NBA game limit. In May he was signed by the Warriors to a multi-year deal.

The escort will seek to extend his career in the NBA as much as possible and so far he has played more games (75) than Llamas (28) and Gutiérrez (47) had, while Ayón played 135 in four seasons and Nájera had the most prolific career with 619 in 12 seasons. In his three years, Toscano accumulates an average of 20 minutes, the best mark for a Mexican player.

During the NBA Week, Eduardo Nájera pointed out that the specialists of the scouting department of the Mavericks de Dallas, organization for which the Chihuahuan works, they found that Juan Toscano had the talent to stay in the NBA, “Because it focuses on defense and the details that the superstars don’t want to focus on because they want to stay cool so they can score points, which is great because it creates an opportunity for a guy like Juan Toscano, like it was for me, for Jorge and even for Horacio ”.

The defensive aspect is one of the qualities Toscano is most proud of in his game, as one of his goals is to become the defensive player of the year.

“There are different factors that can help you (extend your NBA career), like staying healthy and improving your 3-point shot so that you are respected. I am already giving him tips so that instead of having a six-year career, he has a 15-year career and has the physique to sustain himself for many years, ”added Nájera.

This season, Toscano, 28, is also a contender to become the first Mexican NBA champion, as his roster is one of the most competitive. At the start of the campaign, the Warriors They are in first place in the Western Conference with a mark of eight wins and only one lost.

“I’m excited because I think we have a more complete team, with more veterans. Last year was a bit difficult due to injuries and all that, but I believe that this year we can compete for the championship. I want to win for myself but I also want to be the first Mexican to have an NBA championship, “Toscano said at a press conference.



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