Juan Muñoz, confirmed twelfth contestant of ‘Survivors 2022’

In this way, Munoz closes his participation in the first reality show of his extensive professional career on television in our country. In addition to the humor programs that he did together with José Mota on TVE, the comedian has also participated in the fifth edition of ‘Tu cara me sonido’ (Antena 3) and has directed and starred in the films ‘Ja me maaten .. .!’ and ‘Team Ja’.

Nacho Palauex-husband of Miguel Bosé; Kiko Matamoroscollaborator of Telecinco; Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedrawinner of ‘OT 2’; Martha Penateformer participant of reality shows like ‘GH’ and ‘La isla de las tentaciones’; Anabel Pantojacollaborator of ‘Sálvame’ and niece of Isabel Pantoja; Bourbon Nachomodel and distant cousin of Felipe VI; Mariana RodriguezVenezuelan model; Charo Vegaa close friend of celebrities like Carmina Ordoñez; Anwar Beno, brother of Ashraf; the bodybuilder Ruben Sanchez, partner of Enrique del Pozo; Y Ana Luquea friend of Olga Moreno, are confirmed contestants of ‘Survivors 2022’.

They are also closed Alejandro Nieto and Tania Medinaparticipants in the fourth edition of ‘La isla de las tentaciones’, profiles not made official by Mediaset but already verified by YOTELE.

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