Juan José Vivas: “Ceuta is still standing, despite the stakes of recent times”

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The Autonomous City of Ceuta is in a “crucial situation for its future”, in which it has “the obligation, the possibility and the opportunity to lay the foundations for a stable, secure and prosperous economic future:” Ceuta still stands, despite the stakes of recent times “.

This is how the president of the Governing Council of the Autonomous City of Ceuta has analyzed the current situation, Juan Jose Vivas Lara, at the Spanish Economic Forum organized by EL ESPAÑOL and Invertia with the sponsorship of the Government of Ceuta and the Chamber of Commerce.

“Ceuta wants to reconvert, to reinvent itself, turn on the light in the tunnel rather than curse the darkness. Ceuta wants to turn this crisis into an opportunity “, he pointed out, for which he has placed the emphasis on” talking about economic development “, which means” talking about prosperity and well-being for all “.

According to Vivas, this autonomous city is “the great unknown in the whole of Spain “ in many aspects, but also in “the attractions that the city offers to invest, to undertake and to locate in Ceuta”.

“All the economic and social agents of our city are giving an example of courage and courage, all to one, “he pointed out, a unit that has exemplified in the” shared strategy “proposed by the Government of Spain and the Executive of the city, which is” consistent “, because it is part of the agreement.

Among the characteristics of the autonomous city, Vivas has highlighted “the character of being Europe in Africa“,” resistance as a personality trait of our people “and the passage of different civilizations through the city.

Ceuta Economic Forum / 3. Juan Jesús Vivas Lara, President of the Governing Council of the Autonomous City of Ceuta

“A Roma, Ceuta owes its name to it. To Visigothic Hispania, that permanent vocation of being an extension of the peninsula on the other side of the strait. To Andalusian Hispania, a time of commercial, cultural and naval splendor, and archaeological jewels such as our Caliphal gate, where the Omeya brand is engraved in stone, to show that Spain was already starting in Ceuta at that time, “he said.

According to the analysis of the president of the Governing Council of the autonomous city, there are many sectors and economic activities in the city with “huge growth potential” that suppose “reasons for the hope”: the tourism, the port or the environment, among them.

“We are part of a great nation fully integrated in Europe and we are not alone. We feel the support of all Spaniards“shared Vivas, who has put as an example the economic forum of EL ESPAÑOL and Invertia, which has predicted that it will be” a spring so that the Ceuta have the future they deserve “

Vivas thanked and recognized the organizers of the event; among them, EL ESPAÑOL and its president and director, Pedro J. Ramirez, for “having set his interested gaze, his focus, on Ceuta and its growth potential”: “It is not just any focus. I am in a position to affirm that journalism in Spain cannot be understood without the figure of Don Pedro J. Ramírez “, has indicated.

“He is an enlightened person, he is a humanist, he is a democrat, he is a lover of freedom and he is a patriot. The homeland as a feeling of belonging to an incontestable national reality, but also the homeland as a community of free and equal citizens. Different, but equal “, Vivas has detailed:” Of course it is an honor to have an opinion leader like Don Pedro J. as one more adopted Ceuta “.


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