Josep Ferré jumps from ‘Save me’ to ‘Long live the party’ to imitate Rosalía, Mario Vaquerizo and Tom Jones

The musical galas of Telecinco Christmas They had a good dose of humor thanks to the presence of the usual imitator of ‘Save me’, Josep Ferré. The Catalan, known for his interventions in the program of heart, was seen at various times of the night thanks to his particular versions of various singers.

Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat were the conductors of this gala of Good night called ‘Viva la fiesta’, in which a multitude of well-known voices were present. Azúcar Moreno, Edurne, Bertín Osborne or Ana Mena They did not want to miss this space in which Josep Ferré’s appearances became the funniest moments of the delivery.

He stood out especially for the transformation he carried out by becoming Tom Jones. The comedian made a surprising musical performance very similar to that of the original author. After the number of Alaska, who also came as a guest to sing one of her well-known songs, put herself in the shoes of Mario vaquerizo to the surprise of those present.

The impersonator made two humorous sketches on set similar to those he usually does in ‘Save me’ as Rosalía: “Tra-tra, bring me water. What am I going to do with the contract? Tra-tra, because I was going to be the lead singer. “” She has some throwing weapons, “Lara said about nails similar to that of the Catalan, just as long and spicy.

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