José Luis Bonet asks not to force retirement to those who are “able to work and want to do so”

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The president of the Chamber of Spain, José Luis Bonet, has defended this Tuesday in Ceuta that each worker must exercise their profession “until one is able to work and wants to do it”: “In the times that we live in, where more and more people work in the world of services, with their brains and not with their hands, people last longer “.

“Let it be voluntary, of course, but if people with the best capacity have to retire them, it seems to me a contradiction, is an embezzlement of resources “, has raised in conversation with the deputy director of Invertia, Arturo Servant, en the Spanish Economic Forum organized by EL ESPAÑOL e Invertia with the sponsorship of the Government of Ceuta and the Chamber of Commerce.

Bonet has admitted that the last rectification of the INE “raises doubts”: “It had been said that the second semester of this year 21 Spain would grow to 2.8 and it turns out that at the moment of truth it has been at 1,1 “. Doubts that have been” encouraged “by new attempts to” increase the tax burden “and” not very reassuring news “about the labor reform.

Despite everything, Bonet continues to see a “very important growth inertia“with a very clear” moment of opportunity “: Next Generation European funds.

Digitization is going to be an inexcusable task for everyone. Many people are already, many other people are not. We will have to do an exercise of improvement and be. The productivity of the future comes hand in hand with digitization “, he assured.

The president of the Chamber of Spain recalled that already in February 2020 he indicated the sustainability, the digitization, the training, the training and the entrepreneurship as roads for the progress of Spain.

“I was very pleased when I saw that the guidelines for Next Generation funds were sustainability, digitization and training. Perfect, but the other two were missing. There are countries more advanced than Spain that have already made internationalization. We are on the way , but There is much to do“, has related.

Ceuta Economic Forum / 4. José Luis Bonet, President of the Chamber of Spain

In this sense, he has emphasized that “the recovery is already here” and has underlined the predictions of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, which has calculated “raise” that this year it will grow 5.9% and next year 6.2%: “Jobs will be created, 500,000 this year and 800,000 next year.”

“How can it be that there is an ERTE where those who are at home do nothing? That I do not understand. They are strange things that seem obvious and are backwards “, has wondered, not obsante, Bonet.

He has also assured not to understand “how a leading world tourism country like Spain” does not worry about the sector “in a more visible way in the budgets”: “They are poorly cared for, they have been successful by themselves “, he has raised, after which he has made a defense of differentiating the different types of temporary employment.

“Temporality can be natural, for example in the world of tourism, and another that must be ended, because it is an unfair use. What you have to do is go deeper, see when temporality is a logical thing and when not, “stressed Bonet.

His intervention has been a defense of giving “another leap for Spain”, “take the rest” and correctly execute the Next Generation funds of the European Union: with “public-private cooperation”, “focus on the company” and doing things “well”, in relation to the structural reforms requested of Spain by the community club.

Regarding the city that stars in the forum, Bonet has assured that Ceuta has an “attraction” that gives it “future power”: “The one that has fallen here is quite fat. a double crisis: the one that happened to them with the closing of borders at the end of 19 and let alone the pandemic, that is a before and after “, recalled the president of the Spanish Chamber, who has highlighted” the union “, the” commitment of the entire business fabric “and” resilience “shown by the Autonomous City.

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