The shares of the Mexican firm Jose Cuervothe world’s largest tequila producer, fell by noon Friday to levels not seen in seven months, after it was announced it was leaving the MSCI index following a rebalancing.

The titles of the company, whose official name is Becle, they lost 5.64% to 45.51 pesosalthough earlier they reached sink to 44.19 unitsa level not seen since October of last year.

The departure of the company, announced the day before by the index manager MSCI, will take place from the close of May 31 and is part of a review that MSCI carries out periodically of its global indicators, an important reference for the markets. .

As part of the changes, shares in the Mexican telecommunications firm Megacable Holdings were also removed. Its price fell 3.92% in the morning on the local stock market to 55.81 pesos, its lowest level since April 2020.

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