Jorge Javier pulls humor when meeting again with Paloma García Pelayo after his huge fight

In the end the blood did not reach the river. That is what could be said of the disagreement between Jorge Javier Vázquez and Paloma García Pelayo. Although The presenter stated that he did not want to meet again on a television set with the journalist, finally it only took a few weeks for them to meet again.

Jorge Javier strongly embraced Paloma after, in Pepe Navarro’s interview at the Deluxe, she asked the guest for a sentence for mistreatment. The presenter turned against her: “I honestly think that what you are doing leaves us all in a very bad place. If you were clear about it, you would not have sat with this man and you would have said that you do not want to sit with an abuser” .

“As things are, it seems irresponsible on your part and very advantageous to bring up this issue at 1 in the morning. If so much trouble with conscience caused you, you would have talked to Patricia and you would not have sat here tonight“, said the presenter very angry.” I am deeply disappointed as a presenter with you. I would not like to coincide with you on various programs. We are in a very delicate moment for you to come now and cause this situation.

The reunion happened yesterday on the set of the special ‘Rocío’s last trip’, where Paloma García Pelayo collaborated. Jorge Javier was humorous: “I’m laughing about one thing. Let’s see, people don’t say afterwards that I change my mind. I said that I was not going to work with you on Saturdays“, he said in an ironic tone, while on set they burst out laughing. She took his comment well and played along: “That’s what you said”.

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