Jolin-Barrette suggests Liberal MNA is ‘a conspiracy theorist’

Liberal MNA Marc Tanguay had questioned the government’s emergency decrees issued during the pandemic.

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CAQ Minister and Government House Leader Simon Jolin-Barrette sparked a little uproar in the National Assembly on Wednesday when he suggested a liberal MNA was a conspiracy theorist after the latter questioned the emergency decrees of the government issued during the pandemic.

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The incident occurred during the question period, when liberal MNA Marc Tanguay contested the use of the decrees.

“Does LaFontaine’s MNA deny this reality (the pandemic)?” Jolin-Barrette replied. “Do you think it is a plot? Are you a conspiracy theorist? “

The leader of the liberal house, André Fortin, did not appreciate Jolin-Barrette’s response and asked him to withdraw the comment. Fortin also asked the president of the National Assembly, François Paradis, to include the expression in the list of prohibited terms for not being parliamentarians.

While it did not issue a ruling, Paradis said it did not want the term repeated. Jolin-Barrette then sent a text message to Tanguay apologizing for the incident.

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