In recent years, the market for what is known as chondroprotectors for joints has exploded throughout the world, specifically to support the wear of cartilage that generates notorious discomfort in people over 50 years of age. Chondroprotectants are a number of products that include supplements and some over-the-counter (OTC) medications, including glucosamine, chondroitin, and the various types of collagen that They help prevent and protect cartilage damage that develops with age.

It is estimated that this market focused on joint care in Mexico covers 1.2 million units per year and is represented by a list of 20 different products that basically include food supplements.

When the cartilage damage has already reached an advanced stage and there is not much to prevent, then prescription medications come in -which no longer fall under the heading of chondroprotectors- and also the other resource is surgery.

The doctors who treat joint damage are normally the traumatologist, the orthopedist, the internist and the first contact general practitioner.

Constant pain is the main reason that leads the patient to consult with these doctors.

Dr. Alejandro Herce Santisteban, a specialist in Orthopedics and Joint Surgery, tells us that the problem is that there is no preventive awareness among the population, because when the patient decides to go for a consultation, it is usually when they already have intermittent pain in the knees, ankles or another joint. “Ideally, he would go to the doctor before it hurts to act preventively; the advantage is that when he is in the initial phase, the supplements do help, ”he comments.

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The biggest problem is when there is already deterioration of the articular cartilage because this is an indication that there is osteoarthritis and certain types of medication are already required. This supposes a great problem for public health that is little attended in Mexico. It is a very common and disabling problem for the population over 60 or 65 years of age and older.

Armstrong Laboratory launches new collagen formula

There is nothing that regenerates cartilage, says the doctor, but there are options that protect and stop wear. And before it becomes a serious problem, there are intervention options, which is where the aforementioned market for condoprotectors is. In this sense, the Armstrong laboratory reported that it is about to launch a new formula with double presentation for this niche with which they calculate to compete with the prescription market.

Company executives reported that their new product called Desiflex duo is the only one that combines the two forms of collagen, the hydrolyzed (with better absorption) and the non-hydrolyzed (which generates an immune response), and this -according to the Doctor Herce- helps reduce inflammation of the joints, in addition to having vitamin C, which is a precursor of collagen, that is, it encourages the body to produce it naturally, and Vitamin D, which helps to better fix calcium and, therefore, Therefore, it stimulates better bone health.

The other Desiflex is a product that combines collagen with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D; and the specialist Herce Santisteban says that in this case the formula is useful for joint and bone health in women; on the one hand because from the age of 30-35 it is common for calcium fixation to begin to diminish and later in the climacteric stage problems of osteopenia begin to appear that weaken the bones due to loss of calcium and that in the long run it can develop into osteoporosis (porous and brittle bones).

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Armstrong reported that this product is already a leader in Brazil, since it is produced by the Tiaraju laboratory; Now they will bring it to Mexico to have it for sale in pharmacies from April throughout the Republic, and it will be included in the patient programs where for every 3 packages purchased, an additional product is given away.

The objective of the Mexican laboratory is to penetrate the chondroprotector market by 5% per year to cover between 15 and 20% within three years.

Change lifestyle, essential to help our joints

Doctor Herce Santisteban says that the first line of treatment for this joint disease is usually pain relievers -of which there are many types- and chondroprotectors to protect the joint from further wear.

But they must always be accompanied by changes in lifestyle; “If there is no weight loss, directed exercise, physiotherapy, we can give kilos of medication and supplements, but it will not be the salvation of that joint.”

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