Johnson & Johnson affirms that booster of its COVID-19 vaccine provides 94% protection

The Johnson & Johnson company announced Tuesday that the protection offered by its COVID-19 vaccine increased to 94% with a booster injection, two months after the initial dose.

The last: According to the company’s Phase 3 study, a third injection, two months after the first, resulted in 100% protection against severe COVID-19 cases and 94% against symptomatic cases among those inoculated in USA.

  • The pharmacist reported a study that found that a single injection from its vial was 79% effective in preventing COVID-19 infections; and 81% efficient in avoiding hospitalizations.
  • The newly discovered efficacy rate is significantly higher than the 66% it was when the vial was approved for emergency use.
  • The company reported that the booster injection, given six months after the initial dose, produced a nine-fold increase in antibodies among those immunized.

What do they say? Johnson & Johnson’s announcement comes shortly after Pfizer’s COVID-19 booster was recommended by a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel for use in people 65 and older and in high-risk groups. risk.

  • “Our extensive testing and phase 3 studies confirm that the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine provides strong and long-lasting protection against COVID-19-related hospitalizations,” said Mathai Mammen, Johnson’s global head of research and development. & Johnson.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Johnson & Johnson injection is the least administered among the vials used in the US.

Main source of the news: The Hill

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