Johnson apologizes for attending a party in full confinement

  • The British Prime Minister assures that he understands the fury that citizens feel, but maintains that he only spent 25 minutes chatting with the rest of the attendees

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has apologized for having attended another party in Downing Street during the lockdown by the covid-19 pandemic, in May 2020, and has assured that he understands the fury that this revelation has caused among the citizens.

I want to apologize. I know that millions of people in this country have made extraordinary sacrifices during the last 18 months. I know of the anguish they have been through, unable to mourn their dead relatives, unable to live their lives as they wanted or do the things they wanted,” he told Parliament.

The party in question was attended by about 40 people, including Johnson and today his wife, Carrie. At that time in England it was only allowed to meet with a single non-cohabiting person, outdoors and respecting a distance of two meters.


“I know the anger you feel towards me and the Government I lead when you think that in Downing Street the people who make the rules are not following them,” added Johnson, while ensuring that regret of this action and that he thought it was a work meeting.

“I went to the garden on May 20, 2020 to thank the staff and went back to my office to continue working 25 minutes later (…). In hindsight, I should have said everyone go back inside.”

Opposition deputies have called for the resignation de Johnson and some in his own Conservative party have said he should resign if he is found to have broken strict laws his government introduced to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Labor leader, Keir Starmer, has described the prime minister as “shameless man” and has considered that his apology “has no value”. “The party is over. Are you going to act decently and resign?” Starmer asked in the House of Commons.

The session had some dramatic moments, such as when the Northern Irish unionist deputy Jim Shannon She has broken down in tears in the chamber as she recalls how her mother-in-law died alone of covid-19 while the prime minister and his staff were partying in Downing Street.

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