Johan Biacsics, Austria’s anti-vaccine leader, dies of covid

  • The followers of Biacsics have filled his Facebook wall with messages in which they denounce that he could have been poisoned

The Austrian vaccine leader, Johan Biacsics, has died at the age of 65 after catching COVID in November. Biacsics was admitted to the Vienna hospital for breathing difficulties caused by the virus, but refused medical treatment and asked for the voluntary discharge. Once out of the hospital, he began a method that consisted of combination of infusions and chlorine dioxide edema that had no effect whatsoever.

Soon after, his health deteriorated and his family called an ambulance to take him back to the hospital. On this occasion, the doctors could no longer do anything for him and he died two days later.

Campaign on social media

The followers of Biacsics have filled their Facebook wall with messages in which they denounce that could have been poisoned. In addition, the family has started a campaign on social networks where they explain that “officially it will enter the statistics of the victims of covid, but we know the truth” y they accuse the doctors of having murdered him.

Just two weeks before his death, Biacsics had led an anti-vaccine demonstration in the Austrian capital.

Repentant vaccine

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The death of Biacsics contrasts with the attitude of the former Italian anti-vaccine leader, Lorenzo Damiano, who also has been infected and has been admitted to a hospital. But, this time, he has shown his regret for not having been vaccinated before.

“Clearly my vision has changed, I am ready to tell the world how important it is. collectively follow science, the one that heals and saves you “, explained the leader of the ‘No Vax’ movement in Italy.

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