Joe Rogan suggests Justin Trudeau the long-lost son of Fidel Castro

‘Hey bro, you need a 23andMe right away, sir,’ podcaster jokes

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After declaring Canada a communist country last month, Joe Rogan is suggesting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take a 23andMe DNA test to confirm that he’s not the child of Fidel Castro.

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During a segment on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan told comedian Sam Tripoli that the similarities between Trudeau and Castro were “wild.”

The rumour was first circulated when Castro’s son, Fidelito, committed suicide in 2018. Several sites, the Associated Press noted, reported that Fidelito left a goodbye note that referenced Trudeau as his half-brother.

A theory that Castro was Trudeau’s dad was also shared after the communist leader’s death in 2016.

The Canadian government denied the reports and AP’s fact-check revealed that it was more than four years after Justin’s birth that his mother Margaret made her much-publicized first trip to Cuba and met Fidel.

But during a segment of his podcast this week, Rogan revisited the rumour in a chat with comedian Sam Tripoli “just for funsies.”

‘Let’s Google, look at the two of them together,” Rogan began. “There’s multiple photos. That’s wild. That’s f—ing wild,” he continued as he looked through the images. “Oh my God, look at the top one … that is wild.”

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Rogan then jokingly suggested Trudeau take a DNA test to confirm the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau was really his dad.

“Hey bro, you need a 23andMe right away, sir. It’s wild how close he looks … If I was the father, I’d be f—ing suspicious as s—.”

But when Rogan saw pics of dad Pierre he acknowledged the resemblance.

“He looks like his real dad, too. He looks a lot like his real dad,” Rogan added. “OK, I give up. It’s just a coincidence. Look at the nose, the shape … he looks a lot like his dad. It’s just fun.”

“Hey man, we’re just having fun,” Tripoli said.

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Last month, Rogan said he had “zero understanding” of Canadian politics as he proceeded to share his dislike of Trudeau over the Liberal leader’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic and his response to the trucker protest in the nation’s capital earlier this year.

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“He was a good looking guy, confident, good talker,” Rogan observed.

“Then during the pandemic, I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re a f—ing dictator,’” Rogan shared. “You don’t like criticism. You’re trying to shut down criticism by saying that all your critics are misogynists and racists. He said that about the truckers. He called them all misogynists and racists.”

Looking at his neighbours to the North, Rogan declared: “Canada’s communist” and the country is “f—ed.”

“They gotta get rid of that guy,” Rogan said. “He’s gross. He’s a sketchy guy. He’s got some f—ing shaky deals. I would like to see where the money is coming from. Why do you want everyone to get injected every four months? We don’t need that anymore.”

During a segment of his podcast in May, Rogan lashed out at Trudeau over his handling of the Freedom Convoy that was protesting the country’s coronavirus restrictions in Ottawa last January and February.

“Before he really leaned into the woke stuff, I thought he was a kind, sensitive guy, and I thought that’s probably a good disposition to be a leader.

“But just the way he labelled those truckers as racist for no reason, the people that were protesting against mandates, he decided that they were misogynists and racists.”

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